I'm the fundraising and development coordinator at the Centre for Refugees. We work hard every day to provide a secure community space for our beneficiaries who seek to live dignified lives free from persecution.

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on July 23, 2020 10:11 AM

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Hello everyone - Thanks again for helping us bring opportunities for kids' experiential learning to the refugee community in Hong Kong. Our original plans for summer camp in August will be postponed due to the COVID situation, but we're still planning to give the kids camp-like experiences when possible later this year/early next year. Here's a little recap of our ride:

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The first thing that matters to me the most is recognising how blessed I am to have food, shelter and a loving family and helping other people who do not have the same comforts.
Sounds a bit corny, but to look after the world a little better day by day. Be it helping those who can't help themselves, from children to animals. Helping support and amazing Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand and make a small animated stop-motion movie of the plight of these majestic animals from birth to the passing.
My name is Elena Franchuk, and I am an illustrator. I create my illustrations using both traditional and digital methods.
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