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Help Working Grandmother Get A Car

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April 25, 2017


Nezzie Hunter is my mom and she is a very loving mother and grandmother to me & my baby son. My mother and I are struggling as we work together in a single parent houseshold and I am concerned about her well being.  Why do older individuals not want to visit a doctor when they are in pain? This was the case with my mom. A doctor recently informed her that she has injury to the lumbar spine, which has lead to constant low back pain for a couple of years now, but she continues to work as we have not many other options at this point in life.

My mother loves her job! She has been working helping others' for some time now as an In-Home Support Worker. She helps promote and maintain older peoples’ independence & enhance their quality of life so that they may continue living independently in their own homes and community. Her goal is to prevent premature or inappropriate admission to long-term residential care.

Her job duties require assistance with personal care such as lifting (sometimes very heavy), food preparation, cleaning, laundry, shopping, bathing/showering, dressing, grooming and other personal care task(s) as requested or assigned.

Here's how you can help, help me to "SURPRISE MY MOM WITH A CAR".  

A new car would be nice, but I am sure she would be just as happy with a used car. My mom has been a faithful woman working without a vehicle for sometime now and I have been helping  to get her wherever she needs to go.  At 58 years old, my mom has license and can do more to help herself & others if only she had a nice new or used vehicle.  

$15000 raised EQUALS A NEW VEHICLE 

I am reaching out in hopes of your support in reaching the goal needed in helping this kind, sweet lady drive herself to wherever she needs to go. Any amount is appreciated and from the top, bottom and sides of my heart, I really appreciate all of your support in advance and will keep you updated as goals are met.


Jonna Ollison,


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Jonna Ollison

on April 25, 2017 06:28 AM

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Why do strong older individuals not want medical diagnosis when in pain?

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