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Empower your confidence and be fashionable with CTC’s handbag and jewellery rental experience – Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.

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Hong Kong

March 14, 2017


Who are we?

We’re a team of young entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts from HKUST Business School! We aim to develop an online rental platform with fashion accessories, including a wide collection of handbags and jewelries from designer brands and luxurious brands.


Why Catch The Chic?

Longing for the latest collections of handbags and jewelries to go with your pretty cocktail dress but are put off by their price tags?


Catch The Chic is here to help!


Apart from luxurious brands, our platform also offers handbags and jewelries from designer and niche brands at an affordable renting fee – which would provide a great extension to your wardrobe.


What we offer?

  • Rent or lease
  • Affordable renting
  • 3-day rental
  • Door-to-door delivery

Please click here to view CTC's website: 


How much we need?

In order to develop the platform, we would need a seed capital of HKD$20,000 to expand our collection and facilitate the delivery service.


We need your support!


If we can raise HKD$15,000, we will release 15 items for rental.

If we can raise HKD$20,000, we can release up to 20 items on our platform.

Our top goal is to raise HKD$30,000, which would allow us to release 30 items including luxurious brands and a wide range of chic clutches!


The more we can raise over and above that, the more items we can include on CTC. Should we fall a little short of our first goal, we would use the funds instead for jewelry rental, and meanwhile we will search for additional funding in order to eventually complete our rental platform. 


We need you!

Please show your support by following our campaign!


As a token of appreciation we would give back free rental services and rental discounts for our fundraising contributors.


Stay tuned to our latest updates and do connect with us if you need further information about our rental platform. Thank you!

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Catch The Chic

on March 18, 2017 10:38 PM

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[2 more days to the launch of our crowdfunding campaign!]

Wanting to get a taste of using a new handbag or wearing different jewelries once every few days? We’re getting CTC ready for you - but we can’t proceed without your support. Our SparkRaise Crowdfunding campaign is commencing next Monday (20th March).

Stay tuned for more campaign details - you may get a free subscription!

Catch The Chic

on March 18, 2017 06:57 PM

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Longing for the latest collections of handbags and jeweleries to go with your pretty cocktail dress but are put off by their price tags? Catch The Chic is here to help!

With a wide range of designer and niche handbags and jeweleries for rental at a fraction of their retail prices, Catch The Chic provides a great extension of your wardrobe.

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