The Nesbitt Centre

Empowering adults with learning disabilities through vocational education and enterprise

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Hong Kong

June 06, 2019


To be an excellent provider of services for people with disabilities.

A society where people with disabilities have the same opportunities to develop and use their talents and skills as all other people. 

Our care philosophy focuses on abilities, not disabilities. We encourage students with a wide range of cognitive abilities to grow by providing opportunities to learn, experience and reach their full potential in life.

Our aim is to engage, enrich and empower people with learning difficulties and assist them to lead more meaningful lives in the broader community. We operate a day centre, a residential facility and three high profile not for profit social enterprises.

Centre Programmes:

Life Development
The Nesbitt Centre’s Preparation for Life Programme seeks to respond to changing community expectations, and those of our students, to assist them to raise competence and confidence levels.

Hong Kong Award for Young People (AYP)
The Nesbitt Centre registered in 2013 as the first centre for students with learning disabilities to become a User Unit in Hong Kong.

Educational Excursions
Educational Excursions is an integral part of our programme to prepare students for different challenges in life. Through intensive outdoor adventure and activities in nature, they learn to live and work with others while having fun.

TNC Residence
We provide supported living for those students wishing to be more independent or for those families wishing to use it for respite.

Enriching work experience in a supported environment
TNC students working in our social enterprises of Café 8 and The Nest are supported by job coaches, and receive on- going training and guidance in all aspects of the food & beverage industry.

Through these job opportunities, TNC students are taught to:
- learn and develop important skills needed in the workplace
- handle various tasks of the food and beverage industry
- build their confidence and self esteem from the work experience
- develop their social skills through interaction with customers
- prove their capabilities as potentially valued employees enabling progression to further employment opportunities.

The Nesbitt Centre - empowering adults with learning disabilities through vocational education and enterprise.

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