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Hong Kong

November 19, 2019


LÉGER Eco-vegan towels were born out of a need for the perfect workout towel - a beautiful & uniquely designed quality towel made from sustainable materials that would fit perfect with an active lifestyle.

Created by a yoga teacher and all around fitness enthusiast, the LÉGER towel was developed in Hong Kong, where indoor practice is as important as the outdoor practice, where beach and parks become your studios on a sunny day! The vegan suede technology took 6 months to develop. The the surface is soft yet moisture activates its non-slip properties, the material is ultra absorbent, but sand repellent (perfect for beach sessions) and the towel is just the perfect thickness 1.5mm to provide enough protection to be used as a travel mat.

Sustainability of materials and eco-provenance is at the heart of our values. We believe every bits of actions counts, and this is why during the development of our towels we seeked eco-conscious material and strive to reduce our carbon footprint on all aspect of production.

Our mats are made from recycled plastic bottles material, with every towel, you prevent between 12 to 18 plastic bottles from going in our oceans and landfills. Our packaging is also made from recycled paper, tags and towel bag are made from quality organic cotton (that’s right every towel comes with a carrier bag perfect for a towel water and some snacks!)

Every step is a step towards a better future for our planet!

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