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During this holiday season, help us extend our circle of care to the most vulnerable in Hong Kong If you or any one you know has benefited from HK Quarantine support Group, we request you to support the most vulnerable amongst us.

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Hong Kong

December 16, 2020


We started the "Hong Kong Quarantine Support Group" (HKQSG) in March 2020 to assist those arriving to Hong Kong amidst the coronavirus pandemic, so that they can easily access centralized information on required procedures to go home, or government quarantine centers. 

Our group’s objectives were to support all undergoing quarantine, those that tested positive for covid_19, link to foster community-based grassroots efforts to address unconscious biases, and to create a safe-space for open dialogue. 

HKQSG has grown to almost 27,000 members within the past few months, and we have assisted more than 100,000 HK families impacted by the pandemic; a frantic mom separated from her 2-month son, families that had to wait 30+ hours in testing area without food or bedding, and an elderly gentleman that contemplated suicide, due to fear of government quarantine. These are just some of the countless examples we were able to assist.

Aside from the 100s of queries answered on daily basis on the group, we were also able to bring changes in government policy on:

Mental Health Awareness. 

The group partnered with volunteers, including therapists, to help kids in quarantine and hospitals cope through story sessions, art jams, and toy drives. The toy drives resulted in care packages being delivered to 1,200 families. 

Provisions for families include breastfeeding mothers – resulting in:

i) Availability of refrigerators for breast milk. 

ii) Access to female hygiene products like sanitary pads at the government Quarantine Centers. 

iii) Overall hygiene condition at the camps and waiting hotels. 

We also worked towards liaising on cultural and religious sensitivities adaption needed at government quarantine centers. 

If you or any one you know has benefited from HKQSG, we request you to support the most vulnerable in Hong Kong.

Based on the recommendations raised in the group, we have identified 2 most vulnerable groups in Hong Kong: poor and refugees. 

Beneficiaries of the fundraiser are Feeding HK and Refugee Union:

1. Feeding Hong Kong (https://feedinghk.org/donate-money/ 

Everyday, Feeding HK rescue, sort, store and redistribute food to local charities free of charge. By choosing to support Feeding Hong Kong, you are supporting a network of charities across the city which provide food and supporting programmes to low income households, street sleepers, unemployed and elderly. 

2. Refugee Union(http://www.refugeeunion.org/)
Refugee Union aims towards safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing, and future prospect of all refugees.Left out of Hong Kong relief packages, asylum seekers  continue to struggle with higher food prices, lack of masks. Unable to stretch monthly welfare aid, many need emergency supplies, help from charities simply to eat

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