ANJÉ Rebel is a clothing line for rebels who are daring enough to live a different life from others. And to be different is to be unique, to be exclusive, to stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a little excitement in your life, then #DARETOBE.

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Hong Kong

December 07, 2018


Every design tells a story.  Every photograph speaks of the excitement before the click.  Every pair of eyes see the same scenery as you and I but every depiction is usually different.  Our inspiration comes from the Arts that God has given us every day --- on the daily news, arts by the great artists and stories told by the historians.  

Our latest luxe athleisure collection is painted with colors that go up the index of 'Bright' to welcome the beautiful sunrise of every day and to reflect the smiles of the innocent and purest of children in the World.

​Created and founded by Ms. Angelina Francesca, an avid photographer, entrepreneur and a ballet dancer.  In 2015, she and her development team set out to develop the ultra-lift and support technology fabrics that all women and men need to support their body the best possible way without constriction or looking drappy.  Driven by the vision of becoming the most differentiated fashion forward company, ANJE REBEL is set to inspire the fashion conscious with our distinct style of contemporary designs and the vision of creating eco-friendly good stuff.

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