Everyone has to collect at least one bespoke artwork at their home.

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Hong Kong

December 05, 2016


Wing Tam is an artist and a designer, he likes to wander between new and old media, and attaches mostly on controversial and neglected social issues in his art creation. By now, he hopes to advocate people to be an art collector to reflect their specific personal characteric and favourite among others.

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on January 30, 2017 10:40 PM

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We created this sort of couplet for Chinese New Year.

Quit Job Make Art

on January 30, 2017 10:39 PM

I created this sort of couplet for Chinese New Year.


on January 30, 2017 10:19 PM

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I created this kind of couplet for the Chinese New Year.

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Sounds a bit corny, but to look after the world a little better day by day. Be it helping those who can't help themselves, from children to animals. Helping support and amazing Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand and make a small animated stop-motion movie of the plight of these majestic animals from birth to the passing.
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Passionate about empowering people to discover their purpose to life. All about social justice and taking care of the world we live in.
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