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Learning from Crowdfunding: Skyrocket-Success for the World's First Edible Cutlery

Crowdfunding 101

Pradnya Keskar, Director at Bakeys, on crowdfunding their edible cutlery - "We had no idea how crowdfunding worked, but someone asked if they could do it for us and so we gave them permission. We never had a clue of how many orders may come. But what came in a span of some 45 odd days was beyond our dream and imagination.

Nigerian-made Lifestyle Products that Aim to Prevent Human Trafficking


Joadre is an ethnic-inspired fashion brand pulling strings against human trafficking

Empowering Women from Marginalized Communities in Nepal through Education and Enterpreneurship


Charlotte Mellkvist, Founder of HATTIHATTI, talks about running a non-profit organization / social enterprise that educates women from marginalized communities in Nepal to become entrepreneurs.

Showcasing the Best in Sustainable Style: Turning Trash into Beauty


Kenny Jackson-Forrest, Founder of Style & Trashion, shares how his blog is making a difference in sustainable fashion brands and consumers.

How this Young Hong Kong Designer Persisted to Create Fashion Inspired by Social Issues


Chan Ho Chi is a local Hong Kong based womenswear designer. Her label is influenced by avant-garde aesthetics combined with minimalism and technological innovations.

Preserving Traditional Weave Culture through Art and Design in the Modern World


Danica Ratte, Founder of Wild Tussah, shares how her handbag brand is preserving traditional weave culture in the modern world.

Intricate Minimalism: How This Timepiece Brand Stands Out Above the Crowd


Alexis Holm, Founder of squarestreet, shares how his elegant contemporary timepieces stand out above the crowd with minimalist modernity.

Interview: Ditching Plastic with Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush


Atanas Arsov, CEO of Nordics Bamboo, with his team crafts eco-friendly "biodegradable" toothbrush made from bamboo, recycled nylon, and Binchotan charcoal.