How Sealand Gear has Salvaged Waste Material to Produce Functional Upcycled Bags and Accessories


Sealand Gear is a Cape Town-based environmentally responsible brand, with a focus on quality and functionality. 100% unique through upcycling, generating new value to waste material.

How Two Old Roommates are Unlocking a World of Games


Press Start Hong Kong is unlocking the potential of games as a learning platform, far beyond just a fun communal, tactile experience around a table.

Timeless Furniture for our Little Treasures Handcrafted by xo-inmyroom


xo-inmyroom is a brand that designs, simple, natural, timeless furniture to be cherished forever

Bringing East and West Together with Korean-designed and Italian-made Leather Bags


Juhree Erba brings authentic and eco-friendly concepts to Korean-designed and Italian-made leather bags.

Championing Innovative and Responsible Fashion with Sustainable Knitwear


Eleanor O'Neill, Founder of STUDY34, champions innovative and responsible fashion brands through eco-friendly knitwear. She advocates for Responsible Fashion in her column in The HuffingtonPost UK

Unfasten Yourself with 959®, the Italian Brand by Paolo Ferrari that Re-designs Seatbelts


959® is the eco-design collection of accessories made with recycled seatbelts of wrecked cars by the designer Paolo Ferrari.

How VICIOUSVENOM is Bringing Waterproof Luxury to the Fashion Conscious Consumer


Meet Kelly Chan, founder of VICIOUSVENOM, an independent lifestyle label, unrestrained by genre and gender, culture, or trend. A second skin with a streak of rebel edge for the fashion forward.

Learning from Crowdfunding: Skyrocket-Success for the World's First Edible Cutlery

Crowdfunding 101

Pradnya Keskar, Director at Bakeys, on crowdfunding their edible cutlery - "We had no idea how crowdfunding worked, but someone asked if they could do it for us and so we gave them permission. We never had a clue of how many orders may come. But what came in a span of some 45 odd days was beyond our dream and imagination.