13 Campaigns Launched through this Pioneering Crowdfunding Initiative in Higher Education


SparkRaise's crowdfunding collaboration with the School of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST Business School) faculty is a first in Asia and includes Cyberport as a strategic partner

REC Whacky: The Whacky Toy Project that is Breaking Gender Barriers


WhaWhaaWhacky is a line of interactive plush toys designed for kids and even the young at heart

zøem™ spray - The Water Repellent Spray We've All Been Waiting For


The worlds first and best guaranteed water repellent spray for all your electrical and electronic products

Redford Watches, a brand for young professionals and entrepreneurs


Redford is inspired by high-end European designs and styles. Our products feature the right amount of sophistication keeping it elegant yet simple.

How this Polish couple shares their inspirations and creates their own euphoria with card games


Kalibium is not just a classic playing card deck; it's a utopian world, divided into four kingdoms.

Planning to Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign in Asia? Here Are Some Sage Tips to Be Successful

Crowdfunding 101

To be successful [in crowdfunding] involves more than having a great idea and certainly more than being on a great platform. You can’t just set it up and be on “auto-pilot” mode and expect cash to flow in.

Chakanu is Transforming Andean Ancestral Art into Avant-Garde Wearable Art


Chakanu, an exquisite combination of Andean ancestral art with high fashion avant-garde designs.