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MURO, The World's First Modular Activity Wall To Let Parents Change the Complexity of Toys

May 8th, 2017 02:00 AM
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with Jeremy Bond 

Co-Founder of MURO

"I was sitting in my brother's living room looking at a sea of plastic and thought: we can do better than this. "



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What inspired you to start MURO? 

I was sitting in my brother's living room looking at a sea of plastic and thought, we can do better than this.  Tim had already built a busy board that his 6-month old son Ben loved.  So we started trying to improve on this design and came up with the idea for a modular platform.


What is MURO's mission? 

We wanted to create a toy that stays interesting for more than a couple of months.


How does this differ from other educational toys?

The main concept of MURO is that it is an open-platform on which you can create a beautiful play space for your children that focusses on whichever aspect of development you choose.  No one else does that.  Moreover, because the platform is open, you can change the complexity of the toys as they reach the key milestones.  This also makes it really fun, as it's always fresh and always new. 



What are some of the greatest challenges MURO has faced and how did you overcome them? 

Our greatest challenge so far has been spreading the word.  Magazines and press are often reluctant to cover crowdfunding projects until they're sure they'll get funded. Without a large marketing budget it can be difficult to get your voice heard.


What is the greatest achievement of MURO?

It's been a long journey just getting to this point, but we've got a long way to go!


What is the vision of MURO in 2017? 

We'll be working with manufacturers to produce the first run on MURO and start setting up in a small retailer before Christmas. Development is going to be a never ending task as we create more and more toys to build onto MURO.


Any advice for future entrepreneurs and startups?

Keep going!




MURO gives you the power to create your very own busy boards. Choose from our large range of MODS to build a fun and educational space that's unique and personal.

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