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cutQ, Singapore's takeaway app that saves you time from queuing

April 26th, 2017 01:49 PM
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with Laura Tan 

Marketing Director of cutQ

"Simply to make life easier through technology."


We recently caught up with Laura Tan, the marketing director of a newly launched take-away app, cutQ.  

cutQ is an idea that started with the simple habit of buying a coffee everyday, but without wanting to waste time queuing and standing around. 

The founders of cutQ are coffee and food lovers that initially wanted to open their own cafe. Rather than taking the conventional route, they saw a new market in making this daily practise more convienient and efficient.  Their app aims to bring this community together to share their passion for all things gastronomy.



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Would you briefly introduce yourself and tell us about how you (and your team) started cutQ?

cutQ is a free Takeaway Mobile App for people on the go to pre-order, pay and pick up their F&B quickly. This helps to save precious time being wasted from queuing and waiting for food to be ready!

cutQ was started by our founder Kevin Tan, who wanted to pick up his daily coffee without having to waste time queuing and standing around. He noticed the regulars receiving the VIP treatment of walking straight into the store, cutting the queue and picking up their orders, so that’s when idea of a Takeaway Mobile app came to mind! Why not give everyone that coveted VIP experience?



What is the mission or philosophy of cutQ?

To make life easier through technology.


What are some of the key features of cutQ, how does it stand out among all ordering apps?

cutQ is currently the largest takeaway mobile app with a community of over 30 carefully curated stores located mostly in the CBD in Singapore.

We are differentiated from other ordering apps as we are a grab and go service, where customers pick up the orders themselves, therefore the food is the freshest, and the prices are the same in the app as it is in the store. No additional fees!

cutQ also uses geolocation to show you stores closest to you first, so you know where the most convenient stores are to order from. We also faciliate repeat orders with our Favourite Orders tab. When you’ve completed your order, you can simply add it to Favourites and access it faster the next time around!


Given how competitive apps are nowadays, what are some of the greatest challenges you have faced and how have you overcome them?

As cutQ is a very new service in Singapore, we believe the greatest challenge is customer service. Therefore we provide a very personalized service to feedback and requests and aim to respond to every query in 24 hours.

What is the greatest achievement of cutQ?

While we still have a long way to go, we take time to celebrate the small wins. From being awarded the ACE Startup Grant, reaching the finalists at startup competitions to being featured in publications such as Tech in Asia’s Top 5 (out of the 280) startups that piqued their interest, Seth Lui's "Fuss-Free Ordering that will change the way you dapao food in Singapore", SG Magazine as “11 Apps and Startups in Singapore you should keep your eye on right now”, and even shout outs on radio such as Class95’s Muttons In the Morning, and being interviewed on Channel News Asia.

We were given the opportunity to be the Official Ordering App for the inaugural Singapore Coffee Fest in 2016 and received great feedback that we helped festival-goers to save so much time!

But the greatest achievement is the relationships that we build with our customers, merchants and great partners such as Ascendas-Singbridge, and SIM’s new startup incubator – Platform E who all share our vision of making it easier to order your favourite food in Singapore.


What is the vision of cutQ in 2017?

We aim to grow faster to provide our cutQ customers with more great stores to order from, and better service on our app with constant improvements.

We also aim to partner like-minded startups and companies to create an exciting and vibrant environment.

Any advice for future entrepreneurs and startups?

Be bold to try new things, but do it smart - always test your ideas first.




cutQ is a free Takeaway Mobile App for people on the go to pre-order, pay and pick up their F&B quickly.

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