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Transcend fashion by wearing your own style with the LuLuwrap

August 24th, 2017 04:43 PM
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with Linda Mason 

Creator and Designer of The LuLuwrap

"The LuLuwrap stands for freedom of choice and the empowerment of women."



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What does the LuLuwrap stand for?

The LuLuwrap stands for freedom of choice and the empowerment of women. I embarked on an unexpected journey toward reinvention and entrepreneurship when I created the LuLuwrap. I was Inspired by my travels and love wearing chic, comfortable and versatile pieces that also pack well. The idea came to me as I was trying to make a beautiful leopard scarf work with my outfit. The problem was that it was too long and too wide and every way I styled it still didn’t look right. So I started to make some changes, I cut it and pinned it and retried it and then added some details until I finally got the results I was looking for... a simple silk chiffon fashion wrap accessory that could be styled 11 different ways. The big test came when I wore it out on the streets. Suddenly women were complimenting me on the wrap and asking where I got it.  So first mission accomplished, I now had to find a fabric that was light, luxurious and transluscent enough to create an air of sensuality and then design the original prints that women would proudly wear... and my business was born.

What does it mean to transcend fashion?

Our mission is to transcend fashion. To provide a means to empower women to express their individuality... to fit in while standing out. To be known as the leading brand that innovates versatility of style and freedom of choice


What makes your product unique?

All of our fabric prints are original designs that we have printed onto silk chiffon material  So they are exclusive to the LuLuwrap and the 3 button detail allows innovation of style.

What makes a good garment wrap?

I think that versatility and the quality of the fabric makes for a great garment wrap... I love wrapping myself in luxurious silk chiffon or cashmere. it makes me feel so feminine.


What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced?

I think some of the greatest challenges that small companies and entrepreneurs face are marketing challenges. How do you get noticed in this vast world of the internet so women will trust and buy your product.

How do you stand out in this competitive market?

I believe we truly have a unique product. There are other wraps out there, but ours is exclusive due to the luxurious fabric, the exclusive print designs, and the button detail. It is an ideal travel piece as well.


What do you see as the LuLuwrap's greatest achievement?

The launch of the LuLuwrap dovetailed with a collective realization of chiconomics, slow fashion and the KonMari method.  This attitude has sent converts our way.  Our customers are women who demand quality, appreciate versatility and desire freedom of choice and they want to look fashionable without spending a lot of money. They’re women who embrace their confidence and beauty and want to be surrounded by the things that bring them joy. Our customers want to keep their clothing longer than one season and our timeless design insures that it can be worn year round and never go out of style.

What is LuLuwrap's plan for this year?

We are expanding our collection to tunics, T-shirts and leggings that will create an entire outfit when worn together with the LuLuwrap. We are also developing a seasonal subscription box plan.


Any advice for future entrepreneurs and startups?

Persistence, Persistence, and Persistence. Don't be afraid to ask for help and never stop doing what you know in your heart is right.


The LuLuwrap 

Get your LuLuwrap on! For the transcendent woman who loves playful expression. 

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