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PIXIO, Magnetic Little Cubes that Showcase your Creativity

June 13th, 2017 02:28 PM
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with Alex

Co-founder of PIXIO

" The simplicity, versatility, and expressiveness of pixel art have always fascinated each of us with its charm and unlimited potential."



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Who is behind the PIXIO team?

We are friends and like-minded creatives, who have been working together for many years on different creative projects.  Erzili is a talented artist and designer, Johnni has the mindset of an engineer and a constructor and, in general, he is a genius.  And I suppose I have good taste, and I love games.  All of us are united by a passion for visual arts, new ideas and high-quality design in all manifestations, especially in the style of pixel art.  There are also about 10 more people on our team who help us in different parts of the project.


What inspired you and your team to start PIXIO?

We are constantly searching for new cool ideas, really something new, which was not there before. The simplicity, versatility, and expressiveness of pixel art always fascinated each of us with its charm and unlimited potential.  It seemed to us as though PIXIO always existed in our souls and now it's time for its materialization. So we started the project and just embodied it.


What is the mission of PIXIO?

PIXIO gives an easy and special form of creativity and self-expression. This is what every person and child needs. The name comes from the word 'pixel'. This is the core of the philosophy – this construction set is like pixels, only not in the digital environment, but in real life. An important part of the ideology is perfectionism, with which we approach every detail of the project, from idea and production to the accompanying intellectual system that we are implementing.


What are the main features of the toy?

The first feature is its unique mechanics and design, which together gives unified blocks without visible fastening elements. One PIXIO block can be connected to either side of another PIXIO block – it's unique. The essence of simplicity, fundamentality, style and pixel versatility we implemented in real life, thanks to the invisible magnetic force.

The second feature is creative, interactive engineering that is accompanied by a thoughtful system in the form of delightful ideas, stunning images, convenient applications and clear instructions.

We don't leave a person alone with the construction set with its literally limitless potential. This potential is confirmed in the fact that from the same blocks you can create new and different images, millions of combinations. The only limitation is imagination, which of course is boundless and we will constantly feed it with new updates of concepts and designs.


What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced and how did you overcome them?

We have already overcome some challenges, but not all of them, because working on a project is an ongoing process. Difficulties are literally at every step, but it's an honor for us to represent the product that grows faster and faster.


What's the greatest achievement of PIXIO?

At the moment, the greatest achievement is a place in people's mind, which PIXIO easily took. For the most part, these are people from more than 20 regions who want to represent and sell PIXIO in their countries.



What's the plan for 2017?

Our crowdfunding backers get their construction sets first in the world. The obvious strategic goal is to reach scalability in all aspects and presence in new regions. The production task – we want to be in time for the Christmas season to satisfy at least part of the demand in Europe, Asia, the United States.


Any advice for future entrepreneurs and startups?

In this issue, we'll not be able to help much, since we always rely on talent. We do not have an all-embracing technology for success. I can only describe what we do. Our approach is that we always do things which do not exist, something cool, and if it turns out really great, then the product or start-up will sell itself. We do not expect anything from life, from people, from companies, but we are creating something beautiful and useful and we go to people with it.



An elegant magnetic construction set in which each cubic block can be attached to either side of another block.

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