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Fees & Pricing

FREE: It is free to sign up and create a personal profile page and organization pages. It is also free to create campaigns.

5%: SparkRaise charges a 5% platform fee on all funds raised for regular campaigns.  SparkRaise is aligned with the campaign creators and contributors -- as such, SparkRaise only charges a platform fee on funds you have successfully raised at the end of the campaign (not the goal you set). 

3-5%: SparkRaise uses PayPal to process online money transactions. PayPal charges a processing fee of around 3-5%, depending on factors including currency and country.

Total fees charged for successful campaigns therefore work out to around 8-10% fees on the total amount successfully raised. (i.e. 5% SparkRaise fee + 3-5% PayPal fee)

0%: SparkRaise collects 0% platform fees on all campaigns found in COMPASSION by SparkRaise, which was crafted for personal and humanitarian campaigns. Learn more.