“Without creativity, we are all less inspired, less inventive, less resourceful, less socially aware, less globally aware, less of a society… and ultimately less human”.

- Nigel Carrington, vice-chancellor at the University of the Arts, London

SparkRaise is an online community for creators and social innovation. 

We empower individuals everywhere to band together and bring ideas to life.  We believe that when people from different backgrounds and skills can find shared interests, then exciting opportunities will arise, new collective strategies can be created and joint solutions can be developed and funded. Spark some good in the world and share your creative, entrepreneurial and philanthropic interests to exchange ideas, make connections, and raise funds for the things that matter to you.

We help creators build their audience and fundraise for their projects.


What are you?

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Build your network & engage your audience early through personal as well as organization profile pages on SparkRaise.

  • Follow and connect with people and organizations with shared interests
  • Build a community through idea sharing and posts
  • Develop lasting customer engagement and strengthen your support base
  • Generate early momentum pre-launch of your campaign



Raise funds for products, services, events and projects, grow your support base, and strengthen community loyalty.

  • Pre-sell your products, projects or ideas before committing to expensive development costs
  • Raise funds by selling products or services without giving up ownership in your business
  • Create multiple campaigns over time and build your reputation as a trustworthy creator, business or charity



Go from prototype to marketable product and build trust amongst your supporters and customers.

  • Involve your supporters in the creative process to help develop your ideas and products
  • We will help you connect with storage and logistics experts to seamlessly distribute your product globally and on schedule
  • For select projects we can also help to connect you with manufacturing experts