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Hong Kong

April 17, 2016

As an active person, yoga teacher and practitioner, growing up in hot, humid Hong Kong with surprise rain downpours, as well as practicing a daily "Hot Yoga" classes, I have been looking for the perfect mat to serve all my needs.  

Being a wine oenophile, my fascination with cork sprung after inspiration from cork bark cutting on the cork oak trees. NO TREES WERE CUT DOWN! I was sick of the smelly, dirty plastic mats which constantly made me slip!! I started researching all the benefits of cork and I thought "why not bring the two concepts together?" So far, this fitness mat has changed the way I enjoy my fitness and practice for the better and has solved the concerns I had about normal PVC / TPE plastic mats. Try out our "ZOLO Active" - Fitness & Yoga Mat and SLIP NO MORE!!


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