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Non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that provides recycled soap to NGOs/charities for hygiene and sanitation projects throughout Asia.

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Hong Kong

September 26, 2018

Soap Cycling works with students, hotels, corporates, volunteers and WASH charities across Asia to recycle lightly-used hotel soap in a movement to reduce preventable hygiene-related diseases and suffering by distributing this life-saving resource to where it is needed the most. Founded by students from the University of Hong Kong in 2012, the organization exists as a platform for young people gain experiential leadership skills by running a live charity for a semester. To date, over 250 passionate young people have given their time and energy to making us the largest soap recycler in Asia. 

Working with over 200 hotel partners in 5 countries, the Soap Cycling team saves over 25 tons of discarded soap, plastic amenity bottles, and fabric from landfills ever year. Our army of volunteers, over 4,000 annually, help us to process the waste into a live-saving hygiene and sanitation amenities for distribution via WASH charities throughout Asia. Truly turning one person's trash into another person's treasure!

Diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and cholera are responsible for the deaths of over 1/3 of all children in the developing world. These diseases are preventable by simple handwashing with soap.


Soap Cycling 再皂福

on March 19, 2019 01:41 AM

More great news from our partners in Manila!


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Soap Cycling 再皂福

on March 17, 2019 03:09 AM

End of an era indeed. Today marks our last collection from a Hong Kong hospitality icon.

Since 2014, Soap Cycling has collected 1,895 kg (50,000 bars) of soap and 410 kg of bottles from the Excelsior's very gracious and helpful housekeeping staff. In fact, the Excelsior was the first hotel to provide their used bottles to us way back in 2016. Last year, we collected 10,000 kg of used amenity bottles from 30 HK hotels.

The attached pictures give a quick reminder of the impact created both here in Hong Kong, as well as across Asia, with the help of supporting partners like the Excelsior. You`ll be missed.

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Soap Cycling 再皂福

on March 12, 2019 01:35 AM

Cycling for Soap Cycling 2019 is a wrap!

3 days and100 (soggy) km in total across and down the Dapeng peninsula. Apart from the cycling, we visited two local elderly centers to distribute soap, gifts, and bring some good cheer to the residents. We also went hiking, visited an ancient city, visited our Shenzhen warehouse, and had some amazing local food.

Our last day had some tough hills, a few wrong turns, and the perfect ending...Puppies by the beach.

Huge thanks to all who were brave enough to make the journey. We can`t control the weather (yet), but Soap Cycling is super thankful for your support and enthusiasm.

Until next time!

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Soap Cycling 再皂福

on March 10, 2019 07:37 AM

Highlights from Cycling for Soap Cycling Day 2!

Weather was a bit iffy up here in the Mainland, but the Soap Cycling crew made the most of it. Swung by a local elderly centre in the AM to visit the residents and pass out some gifts. Even got a free haircut!

A challenging and wet cycle across the peninsula brought us to a cool little village for lunch. A few kms down the road brought us to 杨梅康, a seaside fishing town. An impromptu hike up in the mountains revealed an abandoned village with some friendly dogs.

Last stop: the Dapeng Ancient City, a hidden treasure with well-preserved Qing Dynasty architecture, yummy snacks, and cool cafes.

All in all, 40 km of cycling and unforgettable memories.

#chinatravel #尊敬老人 #cyclingphotography
#bicycle #giveback #haircut #travelphotography #adventures #fun #vacationhair #touringbike #大鹏古城 #清朝代 #HKU @ 深圳南澳

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Soap Cycling 再皂福

on March 8, 2019 11:27 PM

The third edition of Cycling for Soap Cycling has begun!

In honor of #internationalwomensday our team of 25 soap cyclists stopped by an elderly centre east of Shenzhen for a visit with 100 really fun senior ladies.

Our #hku student interns did a great job preparing an engaging 成语 guessing game. Our foreign cyclists all did a commendable job of introducing themselves in Mandarin. We ended the session giving out some gifts of recycled soap, snacks, and flowers.

#cyclinglife #china🇨🇳 #charityweekend #travelwithapurpose #婦女節 #Shenzhen
#皂福中国皂福世界 #再皂福 #service #sdg6 #dogoodfeelgood #elderlycare #wash #卫生 @ Dapeng, Guangdong, China

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Soap Cycling

on March 1, 2019 03:45 PM

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Soaper Heroes far and wide are sending back their amazing stories of the impact created by Soap Cycling and our supporters.

Today's update comes from all the way from Mindanao in the southern Philippines. The Bajau tribes of Iligan City, commonly referred to as sea gypsies, are often reduced to begging and live at the margins of Philippine society. This past Christmas your soap was sent to the remote town of Iligan in northeastern Mindanao. The Bajau tribespeople, often referred to as Sea Gypsies, face continued discrimination from the predominant Muslim society and are forced into a marginal existence of begging on the streets.

The soap shipped with your help last Christmas, distributed by a local Catholic charity, can help this community avoid disease, save money, and lift themselves out of poverty. Thanks!

Check out a video of the distribution on our Youtube channel:

Soap Cycling

on February 7, 2019 10:58 AM

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Happy New Year!

Huge thanks to everyone who contributed to our first Sparkraise campaign. We're getting reports back from the Philippines on the tremendous impact created on the lives of people whose lives were devastated by Typhoon Mangkhut.

These photos come from the town of Banuyo in Eastern Samar province. Distributed by Soaper Hero Lilian Ranos, 100 families in the village received 1 kg or 25 bars of reprocessed soap.

Thank you all for your support to make this happen!

Soap Cycling

on November 28, 2018 04:08 PM

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Hello backers! We hope everyone is having a good week! With 19 days remaining, we are running out of time.

Today, we will look into one of our charity partners, Kilos Bayanihan Inc. This charity aims to serve the children in the streets of Manila, Philippines. These children are in this unfortunate situation only because they lack the opportunity that you and I have. Kilos Bayanihan Inc., thus, provides food and educational programmes in an attempt to supply that opportunity. Soap Cycling comes in since we have the available supplies of soap these disadvantaged people need especially after the two typhoons' devastations. Kilos Bayanihan Inc. is one of our partners that aids Soap Cycling distribute the soap once it enters the country.

We can all contribute by joining this journey. #BeASoaperHero on Facebook and Instagram to help us share the word.

Soap Cycling

on November 22, 2018 03:37 PM

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With 25 days remaining, we have raised 25% of our target! Huge thank you to every backer that has taken the time and effort to contribute to help ease the cause of the campaign.

We understand that some may wish to donate soap directly rather than provide funds. This is not essential since Soap Cycling has a vast amount of supplies that it receives from hotels and other related locations for recycling purpose. What Soap Cycling is in need of is simply the money to cover the logistic costs of shipping what we already have to the charities out there in the Philippines. However, we welcome anyone that has the desire to do so. You can bring your soap to Soap Cycling's warehouse at Kwai Chung or ship it to our office. For more details, feel free to email us at

The Philippines is in urgent need of our goodwill. #BeASoaperHero on Facebook and Instagram to help us share the word.

Soap Cycling

on November 15, 2018 02:37 PM

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We have crossed the $10,000 mark! Thank you for the huge donations that have been recently made!

Typhoon Yutu has killed 11 in the Philippines already and this will only continue to increase from deathly diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and tuberculosis. With Soap Cycling, we can help to ease the pain! Every dollar that is donated will be employed on the logistic costs to transport soap from Hong Kong to Luzon. Help us share the campaign to anyone that can offer help! #BeASoaperHero

Soap Cycling

on November 10, 2018 09:20 PM

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Hello everyone! Thank you so much to our backers! We have already crossed about 10 days and to see funds coming in means a lot to Soap Cycling.

It has been months after Typhoon Mangkhut but before it could recover, Philippines was hit with Typhoon Yutu very recently. Besides cleanup, other emergency services are also essential in helping people get up on their feet again and this is where Soap Cycling comes in. We are trying our very best to alleviate diseases and other hygiene-related issues. #BeASoaperHero

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