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Non-profit organization based in Hong Kong that provides recycled soap to NGOs/charities for hygiene and sanitation projects throughout Asia.

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Hong Kong

September 26, 2018

Soap Cycling works with students, hotels, corporates, volunteers and WASH charities across Asia to recycle lightly-used hotel soap in a movement to reduce preventable hygiene-related diseases and suffering by distributing this life-saving resource to where it is needed the most. Founded by students from the University of Hong Kong in 2012, the organization exists as a platform for young people gain experiential leadership skills by running a live charity for a semester. To date, over 250 passionate young people have given their time and energy to making us the largest soap recycler in Asia. 

Working with over 200 hotel partners in 5 countries, the Soap Cycling team saves over 25 tons of discarded soap, plastic amenity bottles, and fabric from landfills ever year. Our army of volunteers, over 4,000 annually, help us to process the waste into a live-saving hygiene and sanitation amenities for distribution via WASH charities throughout Asia. Truly turning one person's trash into another person's treasure!

Diseases such as diarrhea, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and cholera are responsible for the deaths of over 1/3 of all children in the developing world. These diseases are preventable by simple handwashing with soap.


Soap Cycling 再皂福

on December 10, 2018 11:00 PM

You have less than a week left to join Soap Cycling and become a Soaper Hero and help those in need. Donate today before it's too late!

Apart from the Philippines, Soap Cycling also ships soap to underprivileged communities all over Asia. In 2018 alone, we have sent 16,000 kg or 400,000 bars of this life-saving resource to 8 countries outside of Hong Kong.

One such distribution took place this past summer with a group of students from HKU. Connecting Myanmar is a HK charity that recruits local college students to travel to Myanmar for personal development and service. Soap Cycling donated 500 bars of soap for distribution to schools in Mae Sot on the Thai-Burma border. Mae Sot, a border town straddling Thailand and Myanmar, is a hotbed of human trafficking and exploitation in the region. An estimated 100,000 displaced people live on either side of the border and lack access to basic services.

Support Soap Cycling and help us get more soap out to vulnerable people!

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Soap Cycling 再皂福

on December 10, 2018 06:21 AM

Last Friday night the Soap Cycling team headed way out to Tuen Mun to join our friends YWAM Hong Kong - Tuen Mun 屯門青年使命團 to distribute upcycled liquid hotel amenities to low-income residents of a local housing estate.

In a first for this project, we actually refilled 1L plastic bottles that were issued the previous month. 47 L of shampoo and bath gel were distributed, representing 90 kg of plastic waste reclaimed from our city`s landfills and oceans. For 2018, Soap Cycling has recycled almost 1,000 kg of single use plastic hotel amenity bottles.

How does it work? Once a month we team up with YWAM to hand out food and soap at the estate. If a beneficiary is interested in our product, they pay a $20hkd deposit for a 1 L bottle. Next month they can choose to get their money back, a refill, or exchange their bottle for a new one. Saving the Earth and saving money at the same time!

This has been a long time in the works. Special thanks to our #hku interns for their hard work, our elderly MEY 美 workers from 光愛中心(香港) for braving the cold to help us hand things out, Live Zero for letting us have their empty plastic 5L bottles for refilling, and @garbageactivist for advice on how to recycle plastic in HK. This is just the beginning!

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Soap Cycling

on November 28, 2018 04:08 PM

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Hello backers! We hope everyone is having a good week! With 19 days remaining, we are running out of time.

Today, we will look into one of our charity partners, Kilos Bayanihan Inc. This charity aims to serve the children in the streets of Manila, Philippines. These children are in this unfortunate situation only because they lack the opportunity that you and I have. Kilos Bayanihan Inc., thus, provides food and educational programmes in an attempt to supply that opportunity. Soap Cycling comes in since we have the available supplies of soap these disadvantaged people need especially after the two typhoons' devastations. Kilos Bayanihan Inc. is one of our partners that aids Soap Cycling distribute the soap once it enters the country.

We can all contribute by joining this journey. #BeASoaperHero on Facebook and Instagram to help us share the word.

Soap Cycling 再皂福

on November 26, 2018 11:30 PM

Today is #givingtuesday! We are taking time to show our gratitude to one of our hardest working #soaperheroes, Lovelyn. She donates her precious time to many charities in Hong Kong, and we are very grateful for the time and energy she puts in to help run volunteer sessions at our warehouse. She also takes soap to distribute back to her community in Iloilo, seeing firsthand the impact that her efforts create.

You can be a Soaper Hero too! Check out our crowdfunding campaign below to help us send more soap to those in need recovering from this year's devastating typhoons in Luzon.

What motivated you to bring along Soap Cycling’s recycled soap bars with your travels to give out to the people in need? Which cities/countries have you distributed the soap bars to so far?
I started to know about Soap Cycling when they partnered with HandsOn Hong Kong, a volunteer platform whom I serve as one of their volunteer leaders. But I started to get involved two years ago after I managed to free up some time from my other regular volunteering activities.

What are some of the memorable experiences from these soap distribution trips?
Getting involved is Soap Cycling is not only meaningful but very rewarding. Every time I closed up the box to be sent to the Philippines, I imagine those innocent smiles of happiness from our beneficiaries. I have first-hand experience on that.

During my spring holiday this year, I distributed about 220 kg (550 bars) of soap to my family and community in Iloilo, Philippines. I received very positive feedback from everyone. They love the soap so much. They said it smells good, good for the skin and some of them said that it even makes their house smell good. They were so happy that they don't need to buy soap for at least a month and were all very grateful for it.

Those soap bars play a very important role to our communities and beneficiaries not only in Iloilo but to the whole Philippines. It helps alleviate the hygiene and sanitation problem in our country. Soap is one of our primary needs. Be it at home or outside, we need it.

Volunteering with Soap Cycling has a very different meaning to me compared to my other volunteering activities, because the Filipinos are their primary beneficiaries. The feeling of joy that, despite being far away from my own country, I can still help in some way. I am thankful to Soap Cycling for giving me and my fellow overseas foreign workers an opportunity to help and make a difference. Anyone can be a Soap Hero! Sometimes a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

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Soap Cycling

on November 22, 2018 03:37 PM

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With 25 days remaining, we have raised 25% of our target! Huge thank you to every backer that has taken the time and effort to contribute to help ease the cause of the campaign.

We understand that some may wish to donate soap directly rather than provide funds. This is not essential since Soap Cycling has a vast amount of supplies that it receives from hotels and other related locations for recycling purpose. What Soap Cycling is in need of is simply the money to cover the logistic costs of shipping what we already have to the charities out there in the Philippines. However, we welcome anyone that has the desire to do so. You can bring your soap to Soap Cycling's warehouse at Kwai Chung or ship it to our office. For more details, feel free to email us at

The Philippines is in urgent need of our goodwill. #BeASoaperHero on Facebook and Instagram to help us share the word.

Soap Cycling 再皂福

on November 19, 2018 11:00 PM

Today we recognise one of our most powerful Soaper Heroes: Priscilla Welch and her family. For several years she has been taking our soap with her wherever her travels take her: India, the Philippines and many other distant places where she makes friends and distributes soap to those in need. Thanks Priscilla!

You Can Be A Soaper Hero Too! Donate to our crowdfunding campaign below to help ship more life-saving soap to help the less fortunate in the Philippines.

What motivated you to bring along Soap Cycling’s recycled soap bars with your travels to give out to the people in need? Which cities/countries have you distributed the soap bars to so far?

We have been friends with Dave Bishop (founder of Soap Cycling) and his family since we moved to Hong Kong in 2010. I had heard from Dave (and from some of his volunteers) about Soap Cycling and how something as basic as good hygiene could save the lives of children and adults. Since we love traveling, and many of those places we travel to could benefit from better hygiene, we asked Dave if we could get involved.

We have distributed to various cities in the Philippines (many small, remote villages in Quezon Province and Mindoro) and in the slums of Delhi, India.

What are some of the memorable experiences from these soap distribution trips?
One of my favorite things to observe during these trips are my children’s reactions. We explain to them the need these people have and I can see the excitement and contentment in their eyes as they hand out the soap to the children and their parents. They take their work seriously. I see it in their little faces.

I love to see my children interacting with these kids and although there is a language barrier, they manage to join in their games and play for hours after we hand out the soap.

They remember these kids when we return home and make it a point to save toys, books and other fun things to bring with them on our next trip. They don’t forget those that they meet. They remember them. I just love that!

They also thoroughly enjoy showing the children how to properly wash their hands.

Three reasons to support Soap Cycling?
1). First and foremost, it can save lives.

2). It’s an organization with which one can easily become involved. With all the traveling people do, they can carve out a little time on their trips to benefit the local people around them.

3). For those with children, it’s a great way for their children to get involved with service and to become aware of poverty that exists so close to us.

There are constant teaching opportunities on these soap cycling trips. My kids have seen how so many people live much simpler than they do. They have learned from these people that it doesn’t take fancy, expensive things to be happy. They have learned kindness and acceptance and generosity from those that they have met on our trips.

They also see their responsibility to help people that may be lacking basic necessities such as running water, hygiene products, food, and/or a suitable home.

If someone is interested in supporting Soap Cycling, what would you recommend as the best way to start?
We started small. I think the first time I brought soap with me, I put a couple hundred bars in my carry on. As we handed that, somewhat small, amount out to an indigenous village on the Island of Mindoro in the Philippines, and I watched my 5- and 6-year-old show about 60 children how to wash their hands, I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing.

My family are Soaper Heroes because we believe soap saves lives!

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Soap Cycling 再皂福

on November 15, 2018 11:03 PM

Happy Friday! As we head toward the weekend, Soap Cycling is taking some time to acknowledge some very who have taken time out of their busy schedules to deliver our soap to disadvantaged communities. Today's Soaper Hero is the Bentley Family, who eschew relaxing beach holidays to instead visit remote locations and deliver much-needed resources to locals. Experiencing first-hand how a simple product that we all take for granted can have a huge impact.

You can be a Soaper Hero too! Check out our below crowdfunding campaign to help us send more life-saving soap to to those in need recovering from two devastating typhoons in Luzon.

What motivated you to bring along Soap Cycling’s recycled soap bars with your travels to give out to the people in need? Which cities/countries have you distributed the soap bars to so far?
We love to experience remote areas and peoples. Bringing soap to these people and teaching them how to use it was a great opportunity to do something meaningful for these people while experiencing the area. It also gave us an opportunity to get to know them better than we would have otherwise. Our soap distribution has been limited to the Philippines.

What are some of the memorable experiences from these soap distribution trips?
We hiked some soap a few hours up a river bed to a village on Mt Pinatubo with our young kids and another family. Going into it I thought it would be something they would appreciate, but not really something that they needed. I was also worried that we might be insulting them by showing them how to use the soap. I was wrong. It appeared they did not have or know how to use soap. It was a new experience for them.

We had a great time showing them how to use it and they were very grateful. Many of the kids had terrible skin conditions that I hope would be prevented by regularly washing with soap and water. We also emphasized washing hands with soap thoroughly after using the restroom, as this would also prevent many other illnesses. This was a great family experience that we will cherish forever.

Studies have shown that charitable giving begins at home -- how do you and your family relate?
​I agree. Kids learn the importance of charitable giving from the family. I used to be content doing the bulk of charitable giving by donating to our church. I now see that the more personal giving is the more impact it makes on ourselves and the kids. But I also see that the most good can be done by supporting organizations with the expertise, connections, and resources to reach the most people and help make systemic change. I think the best thing to do is to find some combination of the two. Getting involved with an organization like Soap Cycling provides many opportunities to achieve that balance.

My family are Soaper Heroes who love to meet new people and spread some good.

#BeASoaperHero #SDG6 #travelwithpurpose #givingback #luzon #philippines #hygiene #WASH #poverty #cleanhands #dogood #socialimpact #TGIF

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Soap Cycling

on November 15, 2018 02:37 PM

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We have crossed the $10,000 mark! Thank you for the huge donations that have been recently made!

Typhoon Yutu has killed 11 in the Philippines already and this will only continue to increase from deathly diseases such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and tuberculosis. With Soap Cycling, we can help to ease the pain! Every dollar that is donated will be employed on the logistic costs to transport soap from Hong Kong to Luzon. Help us share the campaign to anyone that can offer help! #BeASoaperHero

Soap Cycling

on November 10, 2018 09:20 PM

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Hello everyone! Thank you so much to our backers! We have already crossed about 10 days and to see funds coming in means a lot to Soap Cycling.

It has been months after Typhoon Mangkhut but before it could recover, Philippines was hit with Typhoon Yutu very recently. Besides cleanup, other emergency services are also essential in helping people get up on their feet again and this is where Soap Cycling comes in. We are trying our very best to alleviate diseases and other hygiene-related issues. #BeASoaperHero

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