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Environmental Education and Ecological Restoration on Lantau

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Hong Kong

September 27, 2017

Ark Eden is dedicated to the principles of permaculture and restoring a connection and respect for the natural environment through educational workshops and restorative projects that create a shift in the mindset and habits of people towards sustainability. Since Ark Eden’s inception in 2006, over 45,000 people have been involved in Ark Eden programmes.
Ark Eden  provides sustainable solutions for local and global environmental and social problems by running programmes on social permaculture, food, building, water, zero-waste, energy, natural and sustainable living systems for students, from kindergarten to university level, as well as adults from business enterprises, family and community groups.
Ark Eden is part of a larger community of Green Groups in Hong Kong that engage the public in a number of advocacy issues that pose a serious environmental threat to the biodiversity of Lantau and Hong Kong . Two examples include action against the proposed Mega-Incinerator and East Lantau Metropolis off Lantau island.
 By educating and show-casing alternative and more sustainable ways to live, Ark Eden aims to create a positive change in people's attitudes and actions towards the planet and towards each other.


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Sounds a bit corny, but to look after the world a little better day by day. Be it helping those who can't help themselves, from children to animals. Helping support and amazing Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand and make a small animated stop-motion movie of the plight of these majestic animals from birth to the passing.
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