Curiosity Educational 3D Printer for Kids

Co-developed with the PolyU of Hong Kong, the Curiosity is an easy-to-assemble educational 3D printer which offers a super low-cost platform for educational purposes.

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Hong Kong

March 13, 2016

3D printing closes the gap between an idea or inspiration and the first prototype and enables people of all ages and backgrounds to make the leap to become an inventor!

However, since most 3D printers cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the price has remained a huge barrier for most schools, parents, educators and kids. The Curiosity tries to close this gap! By upcycling eWaste such as old DVD drives and PC Power Supplies, the Curiosity not only is highly affordable but also educates children and adults about eWaste, environmental issues, recycling and upcycling while learning everything about 3D printing!

We are arranging workshops for kids 8-12 years old and it is our dream and vision to upscale this platform to a much wider audience. Similar to what “One laptop per child” has done, I would like to open-source this technology and encourage educators around the world to adopt this platform and use it in their classrooms, i.e. “One 3D Printer per child”.

We hope the SparkRaise campaign will help us to achieve just that. Please help us to spark curiosity in more and more kids around the world to introduce them to the world of 3D printing and prototyping!


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Thanks for your Support for The Curiosity 3D. A million and one "thank yous" for your past support of our campaign! The campaign has ended successfully on May 10 and thanks to your generosity we were able to raise an awesome sum of USD 5,181.00! This will allow us to sponsor almost 40 3D Printers to children around the world who otherwise could not afford this technology. We are currently working with Organisations in Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Malaysia to finalize the details. For those of you who ordered the printer kits for your own use, I am happy to inform that we have already placed orders for all the electronics and parts in China and also started to lasercut the wooden frames. Once everything is received we will start packing and ship out the kits by early to mid of June. Please continue to spread the Word! Crowdfunding The Curiosity is a huge milestone for us. To keep making this campaign a success, please share our campaign with anyone you think is interested in this project. Every share helps! Thank you for your continued support and interest in The Curiosity 3D!
-- The Curiosity Team

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