Paper Shades

Eco-luxury eyewear. Made from recycled paper.

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Hong Kong

January 27, 2017


Look good without compromise.

Good design without luxury prices, stay eco-conscious and protected with UV400 lenses as standard. Made from recycled paper and using non-toxic glues, Paper Shades minimizes the impact on the environment.

2018 Collection coming soon. Sign up here to get notified.

Paper Shades

on August 31, 2018 03:36 PM

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We are in the final stretch of our campaign now!

3 awesome reminders:

1 - FREE global shipping
2 - Up to 40% OFF
3 - Eco-friendly & biodegradable

We are at 23% and need your support to let these shades see the light of day!

Grab a pair and spread the word.

Paper Shades

on August 21, 2018 01:21 PM

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So pumped to see that we have 28 backers on this campaign already! Huge thanks to our supporters that are helping us create eco-friendly sunglasses that are sending a message about fast fashion and plastic waste.

Help us spread the word and share with your friends and eco-warriors:

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