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Hong Kong

April 07, 2020

Established in 2015, IBET endeavors to make its underpriveleged ethnic minority students proficient in Chinese and provide high-quality, subsidized support in other school subjects. The aim is to equip and encourage the students to pursue higher studies in local schools and tertiary institutions in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, with the aim of encouraging all-round social skills development, various events are organized round the year. These include festive as well as academic events which equip the children to better integrate into the social fabric of Hong Kong.

IBET currenty has two centers in Hong Kong, in Jordan and Cheung Sha Wan.

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The first thing that matters to me the most is recognising how blessed I am to have food, shelter and a loving family and helping other people who do not have the same comforts.
My name is Elena Franchuk, and I am an illustrator. I create my illustrations using both traditional and digital methods.
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