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April 15, 2019

無障學習 聾健共融






Accessible learning environment for Deaf and hearing

‘I wear my hearing aids in class, but I still couldn’t understand a lot of the teaching content.’

‘I’m trying my best to lip-read when I’m learning from my teacher, but I still fail to learn well.’  

‘I feel so lonely at school. I want to make friends, but…’

All of the above are obstacles faced by Deaf/hard-of-hearing students who study in Hong Kong mainstream schools. Although they are wearing advanced hearing assistant device, they still face difficulties caused by their hearing status to fully understand all the teaching content. Can you imagine sitting in a classroom every day without understanding your teachers’ instructions or your classmates’ jokes? These students are not able to choose their hearing status, but you can choose to contribute towards their success. They are just like us, with full potential and ability to chase their dreams, if only we could support them with an effective learning environment.  

In this light, the Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong started to cooperate with some mainstream schools, setting up Asia’s first Sign Bilingual and Co-enrollment Programme since 2006. With the presence of Deaf or hearing teachers with competent signing ability, the barriers caused by hearing status in the mainstream classroom could be overcome. Through their assistance in both signed and/or spoken language, more visual learning support can be given to deaf/hard-of-hearing students to reach their full potential.

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All the funding raised will be donated to SLCO-CR to support the deaf with financial needs and to guarantee their equal rights to obtain services. 語橋籌得的善款全數用於資助有經濟需要的人士,促進他們的多元溝通及保障他們接受服務的平等權利。
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