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JUNE 20 is World Refugee Day.  #StepWithRefugees #WRD2019

This year the UN is challenging citizens of the world to " Come together & Take a Step with Refugees".

Challenge accepted! Over the weekend, I participated in a 3 day 60km Ultra Marathon in Mongolia through the middle of the Gobi Desert. Even though I had run the distance previously this race was a little different for me for the following resasons..

I entered this race still recovering from an ankle injury, with my goal in raising money for RUN HK  I wanted to ensure I crossed the desert and the finsih line one way or another! All thanks to my fantastic physio, Georgie Stanley (Physio Central) her dedication and patience got me to the desert. My will got me through the desert to the finish line.

My first 3 day race which entailed sleeping in traditional Mongolian Ger's, race through the desert, eat, sleep, repeat. Each day was a different course and terrain, exploring the many changing views of the Gobi. With Michael Maddness race director of Action Asia at the helm, he certainly ensures a wonderful local adventure.

This is the first race that I have decided to try and raise some funds. Our family favourite charity in HongKong. RUNHK. I have witnessed first hand how every dollar counts for this great organisation who really do offer a wonderful opportunites through sport, courses, skills to vunerable refugees here in HK.

I would be really grateful for your support in any donation you could make. 

My goal would be to raise HK$3000 which will provide childcare for 60 refugee children to enable their parents to participate in the RUN programmes, together if we raise more money for HK$5300 this covers one track session per week for a vulnerable refugee man, including transport and one meal for an entire year (48 weeks). Lets see what we can do. 

Details of my race and how I went....

Day 1- 22km. As to Georgie and my plan, take it easy on the unknown terrain, strap my ankle within an inch of its circulation and take it easy. Time: 3:06:12. 18th place Overall, 8th Female, 3rd in category.

Day 2- 21k. Terrain was better on my ankle and managed to kick into a nice pace on the flats where I could without pain. Beautiful course and favourite of the days. Time 2:37:20 15th place overall, 8th Female and 3rd in category.

Day 3- 18k. Terrain was tough, long flat and only packs of wild horses as distractions! Knuckle down and get it done. Time 2:04:10  Final Accumulated time of: 7:47:42. 13th place overall, 7th Female and 2nd in the womens 40-49 age category. 



Day 1- HOT in the Desert.
Day 2 Finish
Ger #10..the home of 3 adventure seekers.
Race Marshall Mongolian style 
Fast Ladies
Fast, Fun, Finished
Happy to finish with ankle in one piece, thrilled to be able to come a place amongst fit women. 


Carl Berrisford photo from a drone showing the first day start...
Day 1
Day 1


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I chose to run for those who can't run free.

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Rehabilitating refugees through running and beyond