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We are a passionate team of 8 university students based in Hong Kong. Our aim is to boost the confidence of men in Hong Kong.

With the growing trend of personal grooming in Hong Kong and Asia, men are becoming more attentive to their physical appearance and skin conditions. Research has shown that men’s consumption expenditure of male beauty products has been growing at a high rate of 10%, which is twice as much as the female market.

While men are willing to take care of their appearance, many are concerned about the embarrassment associated with purchasing beauty products in-store. In addition, there is a wide variety of cosmetics products on the market. Many men are confused by different brands and product types.

With Men’s Secret, users will receive a subscription box regularly with some samples and regular size products catering to their skin conditions and skin care routines. This saves men from embarrassment or being judged in public while providing guidance for first-time users.


Our aim is to make men in Hong Kong feel more confident about themselves.

Be a better man. Use Men’s Secret.


  • Avoid embarrassment - Unlike ladies, gentlemen are shy to seek help when buying grooming products in cosmetics shops. Now, they can rest lay their worries to rest by answering our skin care preferences questionnaire online! We will personalize your own men’s box!
  • Know more - Get to know more about different popular grooming products and their uses!

Product Details

This is a monthly subscription box catering for your needs!


1. Types of boxes

In order to serve your needs, we would offer three types of boxes for you.

  • Makeup box: contains different makeup products.(it is really helpful during the party seasons!)
  • Skincare box: contains a wide range of skincare products from hair gel to face cleansing products. (it is extremely for daily use!)
  • Mixed box: contains both skincare and makeup products. (One box satisfy your three wishes - become handsome and charm; keep your skin in a good condition; gain back your confidence and become a better man!)

2. Subscription types

     We offer the different subscription for you. Normally, we offer 3-months subscription, 6-months subscription, and 1-year subscription. This is because a full skin cycle takes approximately 6 weeks, so this is a prolonged war for everyone. However, one month subscription is available for the first time subscription of the new members so you can figure out what you actually need.

What happens to the proceeds?

  • Our wonderful operations! From marketing in a different medium to logistics, every effort counts so that’s why the box is delivered to your home undamaged and surprised!

  • Your greater satisfaction! When we raise more than our goal, we will explore further men’s beauty product options and refine our consultation materials

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Funds raised on this page will go to:

Men's Secret

Be a better man

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  • Thank-you Card

    HKD 20      Physical

    Every dollar counts! And you are lucky to receive our hand-written and personalised post card as a token of appreciation.

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  • Pen

    HKD 50      Physical

    Even $50 can help with the delivery of at least 2 boxes! This mysterious pen will not disappoint you.

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  • Mask

    HKD 100      Physical

    No matter you are a lady or a gentleman, you should need some quality masks from Taiwan, Korea to re-hydrate your skin after a day of work!

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  • Hand Cream

    HKD 200      Physical

    Hand care is imperative for both men and women, so why not indulge your hands with some hand cream?

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  • A Box With Affordable Brands

    HKD 350      Physical

    Both ladies and gentlemen can use it to get the most from it! As its name implies, the content of box is mysterious until you receive it, but we can assure you that brands like L’oreal will be included. We are of course proud to present you the questionnaire so that the box is best personalized to your needs.

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  • A Box With Premium Brands

    HKD 500      Physical

    If you would like to enjoy better selection of products while at the same time help us, please get our premium beauty box with everyone-can use products!

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  • Personal Care Workshop (Class Size: 3 People)

    HKD 1500      Service

    In this workshop, you will learn to make some skin care products by yourselves, like masks, soap. Our team members will share some skin care tips with you!

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