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Refugee Union is the only registered refugee-led society in Hong Kong. Our society receives no government, institutional or corporate support. We have 1000+ active members from 30 countries, including 200+ children and babies.

Our services are greatly limited by the donations we receive. For example, when we don’t have diapers for newborn babies, some mothers will not visit the centre as they must borrow money for transportation.

While we are thankful for our wonderful donor’s support, the welfare provided by the government is manifestly insufficient to meet the basic needs of refugees who have no money and are not allowed to work. You might have read about them before, but the statistics are worth repeating: HK$ 1500 for rent, HK$ 1200 for food, HK$ 300 for utilities and HK$ 200 for public transportation monthly. (

We are entirely dependent on your generosity to fill gaps in welfare implemented by the government with the aim “not to create a magnet effect which could have serious implication on … immigration control” – as if local refugees must suffer as a warning to others not to seek asylum in Hong Kong. (

We are banned from working under Section 38AA of the Immigration Ordinance. We sign a document agreeing to this restriction when released from detention and it includes any work, paid or unpaid. The High Court case setting the sentencing tariff is "Usman Butt HCMA 70/2010" wherein the starting point is 22.5 months after trial, with 15 months for guilty pleas. These are typically followed by weeks/months in immigration detention. (

We plead for your financial support to:

  1. Pay transportation fees to collect donations at our centre;
  2. Pay for emergency shelter when members are occasionally homeless;
  3. Purchase diapers and baby milk formula (donations are limited, i.e. only stage 3 formula);
  4. Purchase food staples like rice, milk and canned food to supplement diets;
  5. Pay for school supplies and costs not covered by the Education Bureau;
  6. Supplement rent and electricity for families who do not receive enough assistance;
  7. Purchase rice-cookers and portable gas stoves not supplied by the government;
  8. Buy clothes and shoes required by members who need specific sizes;
  9. Purchase surgical masks and sanitizers necessary under the pandemic.
  10. Pay for medicines that are not supplied by hospital emergency rooms (our only option);

The fact is that our needs should be met by the government as we are left to live in the city without the right to work, but the reality is that refugees are turned into full-time beggars resigned to ask for help everywhere we go. Churches and NGOs do their best to assist with available resources, but nobody can help everyone all the time. Many of our members have been here for over a decade.

For these reasons we humbly appeal for your financial help!

We would be most grateful if you could contribute to this crowdfunding so that we can support more members and show that many Hongkongers understand our predicament and are willing to assist us in our hour of need.



You are welcome to visit our centre and learn about what we do. As our society does not have a bank account, we have appointed the registered charity “Drink For Justice” to receive and disburse these funds on our behalf. All the details will be posted on our website when this crowdfunding completes.

Please help us further by sharing this crowdfunding page with your friends and on social media as it is the best way to spread the word and raise awareness. For this we thank you in advance.

Stay blessed!

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Here are some quotes from donors who supported our previous crowdfunding campaign:

Donor A: "Continue to be the beacon of hope for the community!"


Donor B: "All the best! You guys are doing a good deed for the refugees, hope they all will be settled in a permanent home/country soon"


Donor C: "We are proud to support the Refugee Union. Thank you for the great work you are doing for the refugee community in Hong Kong."


Donor D: "Thank you for your big hearts and support and opening our eyes in HK"


Donor E: "Thank you so much for looking after the refugees in HK. Please continue to do your great work and I hope one day they can work legally in HK and be fully integrated and accepted into our society."


Donor F: "Thank you to Refugee Union and all the volunteers for your kindness, good hearts, and all your work!"


Donor G: "Thank you for everything you do, and every family and persons you have given care and love onto. Please keep up with the good work!"


We need extra rice, pasta, canned food and other staples to fight food insecurity monthly
We need extra rice, pasta, canned food and other staples to fight food insecurity monthly.
Mothers need diapers in different sizes and baby milk formula for different stages
Mothers need diapers in different sizes and milk formula for different stages.
We need milk, biscuits and other staples to supplement diets
Our members need milk, biscuits and other staples to supplement the food allowance.
We need to buy kettles, gas stoves and rice cookers which are not supplied by the government to cook our food
We need to buy kettles, gas stoves and rice cookers not supplied by the government.
Dozens of refugees visit our centre daily and require transportation money
Refugees need transportation monney to reach our centre to collect donations.





Note: Funds raised here for Refugee Union are received directly by Drink for Justice, a registered charitable organisation. Learn more at:




Funds raised on this page will go to:

Refugee Union

We are the union of protection claimants in Hong Kong with the aim of safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing and future prospect of all refugees.