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Have you ever thought about painting your nails the way you apply lipsticks and mascara? How do you deal with the scratches on your nail when you are in a rush to an important date? How many little glass bottles have you accumulated because you want to try different nail colours? This is how we came up with our idea. We are a team of seven HKUST students who want to revolutionize the nail polish experience.


On college campuses, you frequently encounter women preparing for job interviews, social gatherings, and presentations. Then the inevitable happens: their nail polish chips. As they are on their way to the event, they do not have the time to go back home to do their nails or go to the salon to get their nails done. We thought the problem of handling damaged or ugly nails that affects a wide range of age groups of women could be fixed with a simple on-the-go nail polish pen. The solution is our Nailedit pen.


Unlike the traditional little glass bottles commonly sold in the market, we have a redesigned nail polish pen which aims to bring a whole new user experience to all girls. You will experience no more hassle when painting nails.


Your help will allow us to further develop our products and be partners with a wider variety of brands. We aim to perfect our product and offer a wider variety of colors so that you can receive products that are of highest quality.



All-in-one  :

  • One Nailedit Pen can hold 2 capsules according to your needs.

  • The nail file attached allows you to file your nails before painting them

On-the-go :

  • Paint your nails anywhere you like!  It’s the same as applying lipstick and mascara

  • The Nailedit pen is the size of an ordinary pen. It fits in purses!


User Friendly :

  • The pen-shaped design allows you to paint your nail conveniently

  • The small volume of the capsule allows you to change colours without wasting the the unused lacquer. You won’t have to worry about having so much dried-up lacquer.


How our product works



There are currently no other products on the market like our Nailedit pen. Our pen includes a nail file to prime your nails before painting and it can hold up to 2 different color capsules at once. Both color capsules are reusable with their own brushes. This pen is not only portable for on-the-go situations, whether it be a touch up or the full works, but it is also spill-free. Our unique technology features a squeezable base giving you the option of applying as little or as much polish as you want directly to the surface, without the potential of a spilled bottle. We will work directly with our manufacturers to make sure our design is produced exactly how we want it. This one-of-a-kind, portable pen will be a must have for every woman's pocket, backpack, or purse.

Product Details :

  • The pen has two compartments: one for putting in the capsule available for immediate use, and the other part that provides extra space for users to store the extra used or unused capsule.

  • A nail brush and a lid will come with every capsule so that users are able to close and reuse the capsule if there is remaining lacquer.




We will be working with a cosmetic product manufacturer in Guangzhou to bring the perfect products to you at a perfect price! With this partnership, we are confident that the products will be of exceptional quality. More partnerships with nail polish brands will also be available soon! Although our offer is limited to 10 colors at this point, we will soon be able to bring to you the exact color from the our partnership brands that you request, so stay tuned!


Ordering Details

The products that are bought at the funding stage through the Sparkraise website will be processed right away. However when we actually launch our product, we will have a website to allow e-commerce. The website will specify the details of the pen and the color of the lacquers. When we are involved in more partnerships, the lacquer will be classified according to the brands they are from. Customers will be able to order individual lacquers, a pen that comes with a lacquer of the customer’s choice, or in prearranged sets.


Our Crowdfunding Goal

We are trying to raise 16,000 USD at this stage. Nailedit is a brand new product, therefore we require the manufacturer to produce the moulds particularly for Nailedit. As all the moulds have to be ready in order to kick off the first batch of production, we have set a high target for our fund. One of our founders have contacted the manufacturer in Guangzhou and reached an agreement that we will not have to make all the payment at once. Instead, a 40% down payment will be made at the beginning.


The cost of the moulds will approximately be 41,000 USD (40% down payment will be 16,400 USD), which is about 80% of the initial start-up cost. The rest will go to the design of website, promotion channels, warehousing, and shipping, which account for approximately 4,700 USD.


Together with our own capital, we can start working on the prototype, testing and producing at large quantities. From the quotes we obtained from the manufacturer, the estimated contribution margin of Nailedit pen and polish refiller are substantial, which would be 70% and 35% up respectively.  We believe that this is a high revenue stream and the sales generated will be pooled to fund the initial start-up and the ongoing variable cost.

As the manufacturer’s minimum quantity requirement is 5,000 pens and 10,000 nail polish refillers to decrease production costs, our first batch will be in the following quantities.


Perks and Rewards

You can simply make your purchase here and we will send you a confirmation email. The confirmation email will allow you to choose your colour if you have ordered a gift pack. Then we will provide door-to-door delivery based on where you stay.


We promise you to delivery as soon as possible once the product is ready so that you can enjoy this special Nailed pen and make it a good buddy in your purse.


We welcome any feedback from our customers as we value any one of your opinion. We believe YOU make us better.



Our Timeline

Here is our timeline for the  nailedit pen. After the campaign ends, we will start producing from May to December. We have already partnered with a cosmetic manufacturer in China and we will work together closely for the product design and make sure it provides the best nail painting experience for our customers. The expected delivery date is at the early months of 2018.  



DISCLAIMER: Delivery of rewards and perks are subject to best efforts and not guaranteed. Crowdfunding activities in general may give rise to significant risks, including fraud and failure of delivery. Please consider these risks when determining the size of your contribution and before contributing to a campaign.

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Nailedit pen is an "all-in one" and "on-the-go" nail kit that is affordable, portable, and easy to use.

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