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Love 21 strives to empower the Down syndrome and autistic community through sport, nutrition and holistic programmes.  

We aim to extend life expectancy, teach society about this talented community and fully support our families with holistic programmes aimed at giving them the opportunities they and we all deserve.   

Covid has obviously affected all of us so much in many ways.  However the Down syndrome community has especially been impacted due to their much higher risk of illness due to genetic predisposition, exacerbated by a lack of opportunity to exercise.

This community needs our help more now than ever!


March 21st, 3/21, is World Down Syndrome Day! ❤️

For this crowdfunding we are hoping to invite 25 new families with a child predominantly between the ages of 6-10 to join our free Love 21 programme. 

Our support includes multiple daily sport and healthy activities, counselling, nutrition and dietary consultations, food support and a whole lot more!

In order to do this we need to raise $200,000HKD. Together we can provide life changing opportunities for this community in need. 

Please click this link and donate what you can.  Big or small, every dollar counts!

We all deserve the opportunity to reach our full potential! 

Thanks for your support!   




Love 21為香港一所慈善機構,旨在通過體育,營養和其他全面計劃和活動,令唐氏綜合症和自閉症患者和他們的家庭得到充分發揮其潛力的機會。我們的活動包括每日多次的網上跳舞、瑜珈、畫畫、健身課等。除此之外,我們亦會為我們的家庭安排與營養師每月一次的諮詢,並提供食物援助,膳食建議等。



我們希望藉此機會邀請25個有需要的家庭加入Love 21,並為其提供合適的支援和發揮所長的機會。為了實現這個目標,我們希望通過眾籌籌得港幣200,000圓,從而擴展我們機構的規模和服務群眾。







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Love 21 empowers the Down syndrome and autistic communities in Hong Kong to reach their full potential through sports, nutrition and holistic support programme

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