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The fight is not over! Help us to eliminate discrimination by March 21st, the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

Support our campaign to enable APRRN to continue protecting and advancing refugee rights in the Asia Pacific region. 

The Need

There are 4.4 million refugees and asylum seekers in the Asia Pacific, who lack fundamental human rights or inclusion in civil society. This is a result of absent legal frameworks to protect refugees or uphold human rights, meaning refugees lack access to employment, healthcare, education, or social inclusion and are therefore forced to live on the margins of society. This has only been worsened by COVID-19; increased xenophobia continues to limit access to asylum, further excluding and marginalising refugees and asylum seekers. With inequality and injustice increasing across the globe, it is evident that we cannot achieve change alone. We must work together to protect and advance the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers.


The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) is a network of over 200 civil society organisations and individuals from 28 countries in the Asia Pacific region. Members work in collaboration to achieve our common goal of advancing the rights of refugees in the region. We do this through joint advocacy, capacity strengthening, resource sharing, and outreach.

APRRN was formed in 2008 at a regional conference on refugee rights, held in Malaysia, in which representatives of 70 civil society organisations from 14 countries determined the necessity of establishing a coordinating entity to convene collaborative action, progress and advance refugee rights across the region. 

It takes a village to change policy or legislation. In the incidence of refugee rights, it takes a network of 200 organisations across 28 countries to work together to strategise effective approaches, collate evidence and collaboratively advocate for the improved human rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

APRRN is led by two women with lived refugee experiences. The network’s current Chair is a formerly stateless Rohingya woman. 

APRRN’s key achievements in advancing refugee rights

  • In 2019, APRRN was instrumental in the Thai government signing a Memorandum of Understanding to End Immigration Detention of Children and monitoring and advancing the implementation of the National Screening Mechanism regulation to grant protected persons greater rights, including freedom of movement.
  • In 2019, APRRN’s advocacy with global media organisations, activists, and football clubs enabled the release of professional footballer Hakeem al-Araibi, who was unlawfully detained by Thai authorities due to an erroneous Interpol Red Notice issued by Bahrain. APRRN also assisted an at-risk young woman from Saudi Arabia to seek asylum in Australia after she was apprehended by Thai authorities while in transit.

Support our campaign

For more than 13 years, APRRN has led the advancement of refugee rights in a region facing severe human rights crises. APRRN's action is critical to ensure governments implement refugee rights legislation, to prevent and end severe human rights violations such as Rohingya persecution and loss of life at sea. By working together as a regional network, our ability to hold governments accountable is magnified, and therefore we can achieve the greatest policy and legislative change.

Please support International Human Rights Day by contributing to APRRN's campaign, to ensure this crucial work continues, while also enabling us to continue to respond to emerging crises in Afghanistan and Myanmar.


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Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network

The Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network (APRRN) is a collaborative movement which advances the rights of refugees and other people in need of protection.