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Refugee Union is the only registered refugee-led society in Hong Kong. We have 1000+ members from 30 countries, including 200+ babies and children. Our services are limited by the donations we receive. We are entirely dependent on residents’ support as we are prohibited from working under threat of 15 months in prison. Our society receives no government, institutional or corporate support. The government provides us with HK$ 3200 for rent, food, utilities and transport monthly.

Since 2014 we enjoyed a free office space in Sai Ying Pun which many of you visited. Then Covid-19 struck and our fortune changed! 

Soon we will be homeless, so we humbly seek your financial assistance to secure a warehouse in Lai Chi Kok with a budget of HK$ 10,000 a month.



These are the unique services Refugee Union provides to its members and Hong Kong residents:

  1. We offer refugees accurate information on seeking asylum and practical guidance on surviving day-to-day despite the 99% immigration rejection rate and insufficient welfare assistance;
  2. We provide a welcoming "community centre" where refugees share experiences, support and learn from each other without being judged, observed or otherwise influenced;
  3. We receive donations from residents, schools and universities, companies and restaurants as well as NGOs that fill gaps in the government assistance that does not include clothes, shoes, sufficient food, baby products, telecom equipment and toiletries (i.e.. shaving cream and pads);
  4. We are a "home away from home" where refugees freely hang-out and enjoy some comfort away from the small, subdivided often windowless rooms that we rent and often share with others;
  5. We are a collection, sorting and storage location for donation drives which are often voluminous and cannot be delivered to individual homes. Here we collect what we need, when we need it;
  6. We are a place for residents and volunteers to connect directly with refugees, learn first hand about the challenges of seeking asylum and explore ways to support our society and community;
  7. After the pandemic, we will resume weekly classes that enhance our lives, such as: Cantonese, English, homework support, arts and crafts, breastfeeding as well as programs offered by other organizations and volunteers;
  8. At the new centre, we will expand food services with a canteen where refugees can have a meal before collecting donations or after attending classes;
  9. At the new centre, we will create a "marketplace" to sell donations we do not need but have value, such as small items like lamps, car seats, decorative items, books and toys;
  10. At the new centre, we can manage corporate donations from food distributors, baby and health products wholesalers and restaurants which we currently cannot manage;


We are fundraising for a year’s rent, deposit and basic fitting out costs.


We are happy to move into the cheapest industrial building with the largest size for the budget and we will fit it out ourselves. It will be nice to have a lift after staying in a walk-up building for years!

Please help us relocate to our new HOME where you will be warmly welcomed and most appreciated.

We sincerely hope you can help us and spread the word - Thank you!


8 March 2021, Donor text: "We are most grateful for your organisation and the work you do with all the refugees in HK. We stopped by this weekend to drop off donations and loved to see the community and the bright spirits."


17 Feb 2021, Facebook – donor text: "We are a community of home bakers and donators that utterly excelled themselves donating a record-breaking quantity of dried foods, dried fruits, cookies, cooking oils, spices, cutlery, pots and pans, clothing, bedding, blankets, mobile phones and even a games console @Refugee Union"


12 Feb 2021, Facebook – donor text: "It takes a village to raise a child ... ours is just a small contribution which we hope will help some of your families. We will spread the word with our friends. Thank you for what you are doing!"


3 Feb 2021, Facebook – refugee text: “We value and we love the things we receive in Refugee Union. Every things we received is a blessing. From a single refugee mom that can’t even afford to buy simple toys. Thank you donors for your unbeatable support and love.”


23 Jan 2021, Facebook – donor text: "Thank you for what you do. It was the least I could do on my part. And I certainly did not expect such a warm welcome. Thank you! I was touched by our brief encounter."


If you have any questions please WhatsApp 98287176 or email

Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @refugeeunion


Some of our children gathered for a photo on Saturday before Chinese New Year 2012
We are most grateful for donations from residents which we receive every day, especially on Saturday
Making community at the centre is important for us as we live dispersed across Hong Kong
Some donation drives require space and manpower to collect and distribute





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Refugee Union

We are the union of protection claimants in Hong Kong with the aim of safeguarding refugee rights and improving the protection, wellbeing and future prospect of all refugees.