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Citi Asia Trading Strategies invites you to its 2021 Annual Christmas Fundraiser to provide homes and opportunities for people experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong. 


This Christmas Citi Asia Trading Strategies is raising HKD 888,888 in support of people experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong to provide safe shelter in the cold winter months.

Last year, with your support, we raised over HKD 500,000 to provide a Bridge of Hope – monthly food and essentials for over 450 low-income families in need from January to October 2021.

This year, we will be providing "Homes for Hong Kong’s Heroes" – over 200,000 everyday people who brave the difficulties of living in tunnels, parks, streets or even inadequate housing, such as 10.5 sq ft “coffin homes”, in a city with immense wealth as Hong Kong. Typically forgotten or swept aside, these people are left behind and absolutely alone, as we pass them by or remain ignorant of their existence.

We will be partnering with ImpactHK to provide emergency shelter, urgent care and essential resources to these homeless heroes of Hong Kong. ImpactHK has served as a lifeline to HK’s homeless community since 2014, and truly know the terror of living on the streets, with over 50% of their staff having previously been homeless themselves.

We visited ImpactHK’s ‘029’ Community Centre in Tai Kok Tsui, and saw firsthand the impact they have on the lives of the homeless in HK. With their help, individuals like Ah Lik Chu, whom we met in person, were able to move out of homelessness and into stable jobs which now contribute back to society and help others in need. This is the power of paying it forward and with your support, it will be possible for there to be many more people like Ah Lik. 

Our support comes at a crucial time for these people and their ability to survive the cold winter months ahead.


There are at least 40 desks on the floor. We are asking each desk to contribute a minimum of HKD 100,000. That is only USD 12,500 to completely change the lives of people in need.

This minimum amount per desk will provide 10 homeless people with shelter, daily food, essential resources and most importantly access to dedicated social workers. These social workers provide support, professional training and on the ground guidance in order for them to start rebuilding their dignity and their lives as productive members of society. 

Lowest donors will be subjected to a delightful series of carols in the dulcet tones of Mohammed Apabhai and Benjamin O’Kane.


To find out more about ImpactHK visit 

Funds raised on this page will go to:

ImpactHK Fundraising Team

Raising funds to help the homeless in Hong Kong