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Run to raise a UWC scholarship for a student from Uzbekistan!


I am very fortunate to have had an opportunity to study in United World College in Hong Kong. Living and studying in UWC was an invaluable and life changing experience that propelled my life to new heights. I’ve learned and celebrated different cultures, met lifelong friends, developed commitment to social responsibility and grew strong appreciation to diversity as a power to promote peace and sustainable future.

Being so privileged to be a second student from Uzbekistan on a full scholarship from UWC in Hong Kong made me realise how rare such opportunities are for young and aspiring youth in Uzbekistan. I am excited to be working with UWC in Hong Kong and Uzbekistan National Committee to raise money for one scholarship for an Uzbek student. 

As I take on a personal challenge of running a Paris marathon, I would like to use this event to raise funds for a scholarship that will give a young student from Uzbekistan the opportunity to join and experience UWC movement first-hand. 

Thank you in advance for your interest and contributions!

Iskandar Tursunov 
(LPCUWC 2008) 

Learn more about LPCUWC's Scholarship Fundraising Campaign for 1 Uzbekistan Student for 2020-2021 entry. 



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At Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong, we endeavour to provide need-based scholarship opportunities to as many around the world to benefit from a UWC education that seeks to foster peace and promote sustainability.