Support Worst-hit Broken Families in Covid Crisis

HKD 500,000 goal
HKD 251,143 raised

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Urgent Appeal - Support the Worst-hit Broken Families in Covid Crisis

Living in the worst-hit areas, struggling to put food on the table, battling with SEN kids who are being trapped at home….ChickenSoup single parents are once again on the verge of breakdown in HK’s Omicron-fuelled outbreak. 

Feeling isolated and hopeless, these single parents and their kids have reached rock bottom and some have even attempted suicide...

We’re heartbroken to hear their cries for help. Please support by responding to the urgent needs of these crisis families.

With just $500, you can bring hope and protection to these worst-hit broken families in Covid Crisis…

$500 offers 1 month's worth of anti-epidemic supply to a household of 3

$1,500 offers 1 private training for a child with special educational needs

$2,800 offers 1 month's worth of nutritious food to a household of 3

$4,500 offers 1-month caretaking service that allows single mothers to go for work

$5,800 offers urgent mental health care for those suffer from mental breakdowns for 1 month

$9,600 sponsors 1 ChickenSoup family for emergency support for 1 month (including food, anti-epidemic supplies and therapies)

Join us to cuddle the city’s most vulnerable with love! 


【緊急呼籲 - 支援最受新冠疫情嚴重打擊的破碎家庭】



聽到這些家庭的急切呼救,心靈雞湯心情無比沉重。 請大家出一分力,為這些孤苦無助的破碎家庭提供緊急支援。 










About ChickenSoup Foundation

ChickenSoup Foundation (CSF) serves as the last line of defence to save crisis families from breaking down. Our beneficiaries are led by single-parent families facing multiple crises (medical, financial, and social). They live in extreme poverty and social isolation without breadwinners; suffer from multiple illness but yet have a proactive mindset. Our flagship Family Empowerment Program focuses on enabling long-lasting changes. Find out more about our approach and the life-changing stories of ChickenSoup families from our website.



Funds raised on this page will go to:

ChickenSoup Foundation

Our mission is to prevent family breakdown and tragic headline news. We save families from simultaneous social, medical and financial crises, and empower them to lead a self-sustaining and hopeful livelihood.