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The UAC at UCLA intends to host a cultural banquet to educate the UCLA and non-UCLA community about Afghanistan and debunk myths about our culture.

Campaign launched: April 5, 2019


Every year, UAC focuses on a specific issue affecting Afghanistan. Members of the organization along with the rest of the UCLA community work together to create a positive, tangible, and sustainable change by teaming up with a non-profit organization. In the past, we have successfully raised over $120,000 for various charities. Our event aims to educate attendees from not only UCLA, but the Southern California community about the social, economic, and health problems, among many others, in Afghanistan and the efforts that are being made to rebuild the nation through solutions to issues like these.

Throughout the night, we will inform the audience about the importance of education in rebuilding Afghanistan. In addition, the attendees gain exposure and a deeper understanding of Afghan culture and what it means, through our fashion show, food, musical performances, and presentations. Ultimately, we strive to increase awareness of Afghanistan and the many problems the nation is facing, and to cultivate a positive influence on the Afghan community by aiming toward a specific and effective solution, all while shedding light on its rich cultural heritage.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization to improve the lives of these children by increasing their chance of a brighter future. It is our sincere hope that you consider contributing to this extraordinary cause. Without the support of our community, the United Afghan Club at UCLA’s charity banquet would be little more than a dream. As a club, we are less than twenty students attempting to improve the conditions of a country that has been trapped in conflict. However, with your help it can become a sustainable reality that marks a change in our community moving forward. Let us together lay the groundwork for the success of tomorrow's generation. The funds we fundraise via SparkRaise will go towards our venue, catering, supplies, as well as musicians. Although we apply to on campus funding applications, they are not enought to cover the costs of this event. Thus, we highly appreciate all of your help. 



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