Fundraise for SLCO - Run for the Deaf 慈善跑

HKD 200,000 goal
HKD 35,700 raised

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This fund-raising campaign "Run for the Deaf" is initiated by a parent of a deaf girl, Foto Mo, to raise money for sign-supported education for deaf or hard-of-hearing kids in need.

Mo's daughter is 3 years old. She was born profoundly deaf and in fact, experiencing severe barriers to communication and learning. While she is developing her speech as far as possible, Mo realises that sign language as a visual language significantly reduces her daughter's barriers to comunication, and at the same time supports her learning.  Mo recalled, " Before Rihanna (Mo's daughter)  learned sign language, I have found that she was not able to express her thoughts and feelings. Fortunately, she has learnt sign language with the help of SLCO-CR, which helped her to build self-confidence and increase her motivation to speak". This incident inspired Mo to organize a fundraising event and raise money for SLCO-CR so that more deaf or hard of hearing children, especially those from underprivileged families, can receive sign-supported education to ensure more effective early development. 



In this event, Mo will take an extraordinary challenge - a trail running race called Victoria 162, which will depart on 22 February (Sat) midnight and run for 162 km (around100 miles) within 46 hours. The race course covers Lantau Island, the New Territories and Hong Kong Island, which is a longer distance than the well-known Oxfam Trailwalker.  (17th Feb 2020 update: As the novel coronavirus remains a heightening threat to Hong Kong, the Organizing Committee had announced the decision to cancel. At a later time, Mo will challenge himself again to commit to his fund-raising promise. Now, Mo will still try to complete the route as a trial run with a "guest star".)

阿Mo這次的籌款活動是自我挑戰,他原參加的Victoria 162 (簡稱V162)賽事,目標在46小時內跑畢162公里(約100英哩),當中會踏足大嶼山、新界及香港三個賽區,路程比毅行者還要長。他現會同日挑戰V162賽程,並聯同「星級嘉賓」以練習形式完成路線。(2020年2月17日更新:有關活動因應新型冠狀病毒疫情越趨嚴峻而取消,阿Mo於稍後時間會再迎難而上挑戰自我,以延續今次為聾童籌款的慈善跑承諾)



All the funding raised will be donated to SLCO-CR to support deaf children with financial needs and to facilitate their bimodal communication in both sign and speech.

How can I support SLCO-CR?
SLCO-CR was established in 2016 with the support of the Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund of The Chinese University of Hong Kong as an independent non-profit charitable organization to provide sign language related assistance to deaf, hard-of-hearing and special educational needs children.

•HK$1,000 supports 1 individual speech therapy plus 1 sign language session (Sign language as the main language of learning)
•HK$500 supports 1 individualized sign language support service
. HK$200 supports 1 lesson of the Fun with Sign and Speech (FS2) programme.

Hope you can support this meaningful event and act now!



•HK$ 1,000 可以支持1次個別言語治療及手語課程(以手語為主要學習語言)
•HK$ 500 可以支持1次個別手語支援服務
•HK$ 200 可以支持1次雙語樂(手語雙語閱讀班)


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