Empowerment of Syrian Women in Sweida, Syria

USD 5,000 goal
USD 500 raised

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Empowerment of Syrian Women is a project proposed by Wassan Nasreddin and Maryam Abu Khaleel, 2021 graduates of Li Po Chun United World College. The project is a recipient of the GoMakeADifference UWCx Initiative grant, however, we have found that in order to supply our participants with the materials and knowledge they require, the financial support of USD$1,000 that we have gotten from the grant is not sufficient.


This project aims to empower Syrian women with a program that supports them in attaining sustainable incomes and financial independence. We would start a project in the Syrian city of Sweida, giving materials and resources to around 30 women that would allow them to start small-scale businesses that would be a source of income in the long run, allowing them to gain financial independence and stability.


Women in Syria are particularly vulnerable in society, as they often shoulder additional responsibilities such as taking care of children and other family members and may not have opportunities to have independent sources of income from their spouses. This is in addition to the financial difficulties brought on by the Syrian collapsing economy due to the war. Consequently, they have higher levels of poverty than men. Furthermore, they are vulnerable to risks of gender-based violence, and COVID-19 has only worsened these existing problems.

Our project would address this issue by providing additional financial independence to the women involved, as instead of relying on the income of their spouse, they would be able to handle their own finances. Many women struggle with meeting daily needs and providing for their families. This project would equip them with the skills that could gain them long-term financial income and stability

In this project, we will be providing Syrian women from Sweida with craft materials and instructing them in handcrafting skills, which will serve as an additional source of income for them as we support them in selling their finished craft products in local markets. The craft materials will be bought from local suppliers so that there is no concern with product transport in and out of Syria, and will be delivered to the houses of the participants. The women will be instructed in making crafts such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more out of these craft materials, and they will be instructed by us, the project leaders, with the support of volunteers from non-profit organizations, such as the Syrian Arab Red Crescent that has conducted such workshops before. The training workshops we plan to have will be carried out through online communication in form of videos and video conference calls if it is possible, and if this is not, workshops will be held in small groups of 4-5 people including the instructors in order to teach the skills. Following this, the women will start producing these crafts in their homes, and we will be checking up on them on whether they encounter any issues or questions around once a week via online communication and in-person visits. When the participants finish crafting, the products produced will be assessed, and we will provide labor support through volunteers to bring the products and methods of local transportation to bring the products to local markets in order to sell them. The profit generated by selling the products will then be handed back to the women participants, generating a sustainable source of income for them. In all in-person encounters, all parties will be wearing masks, social distancing regulations will be followed and hands will be regularly sanitized in order to ensure the safety of all participants and organizers from COVID-19.




Funds raised on this page will go to:

Maryam Abu Khaleel

A student who is passionate about the protection of human rights worldwide and the empowerment of marginalized communities.