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HKD 230,000 goal
HKD 96,066 raised

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Update, January 2023:

With the support of the HandsOn community and some of our long-standing partners, we are delighted to let you know that we recently surpassed our target of HK$230,000.

With these additional and generous offline donations, we will be able to achieve our goal in 2023 to increase the number of charities we support and programs that we run, ultimately creating more opportunities for Hong Kong to be HandsOn.

Huge gratitude to all of our donors so far. For anyone that would still like to donate, our appeal remains open until the end of January and we sincerely appreciate all funds to support our work in 2023. Thank you. 

Help us to make Hong Kong more HandsOn 


As we celebrate International Volunteer Day, we are proud that the spirit to serve in Hong Kong is stronger than ever. There are 45,000 volunteers in our community who get HandsOn at hundreds of programs each month. 

Each of these programs empower Hong Kong volunteers to discover and support under-resourced charities, connect with different groups in society and unlock their own sense of purpose. This has been the HandsOn mission for 15 years. We’ve uplifted over 600,000 vulnerable community members along the way.



How you can help

One of our 2023 goals is to increase the number of charities we support and programs we run–ultimately creating more opportunities for Hong Kong to become HandsOn.

To achieve this goal, we need to increase the capacity of the HandsOn team by growing from 10 to 11 people. And we need your help to do this. Hiring this person will enable us to provide behind-the-scenes assistance to 20 new charity partners in 2023–at absolutely no cost to them. Each of these partnerships will be focused on building year-round volunteer management, training and recruitment; ongoing manpower needs assessment; and trusted advisory and support.

Any donation you can make to help us achieve our goal of HKD$230,000 will be so gratefully received. This will enable us to fund a new junior team member for one full year.




Our financials

At HandsOn we believe in being completely transparent about our financials so you can see the full impact of any donation you make. An overview of our income and expenditure in 2021 is available here. We are expecting to close the 2022 financial year at a slight deficit. 


Funds raised on this page will go to:

HandsOn HK

A local charity with the mission to empower everyone in Hong Kong to volunteer.