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What is Capool?

Capool is a service provider that connects people in a rush yet not wanting to take taxi alone for various reasons. It provides the platform where users can view a list of other users heading to the same destination and from a group to share a taxi without actual conversation. The values users get are not limited to convenience and cost saving, but also the opportunity to meet new people.


Why Capool?


We often suffer from long waits at the bus station during peak hours, which could take a long while. However, if one wishes to take a taxi to save time, it will cost much more. Understanding the agony of long waiting time, our business idea, Capool, is a platform that matches people heading toward the same direction, allowing them to save time and costs through sharing a taxi with someone in proximity.

Our preliminary research shows that the main reason of not taking taxis is because it is too expensive and 21.4% also indicated that they do not want to take taxi alone. Nearly 66% of respondents take taxi for 1-3 times a month, but only 33% of people are willing to do it alone. However, more than 80% of the respondents are willing to share a taxi with strangers to save money. The results indicate potential opportunities for our business.



Where your money goes to?

Having this wonderful idea of taxi sharing in Hong Kong, we need your help to bring it to life. WIth the goal of having a mobile application, we are now aiming to create a minimum viable product (MVP) and website to test the user acceptance using the HKD30,000 raised.



  Our crowdfunding event will continue for 30 days, after which we wish we use the fund raised to improve our website and to do marketing.

  After lauching our web application, we would then to start our mobile application development, which will be our mid-term goal.



We are a group of entrepreneurs  from HKUST Business School. Our team is formed of a mix of business and computer science background where we share the same entrepreneurial mindset. We are a bunch of young people who believes in innovation with the help of technology. Being dedicated, passionate and energetic about our business idea, we believe that Capool is the solution for commuters who are looking for others to share rides with.

From Left to Right: Jimin, Megan, Gloria, Joyce, Ms.Fok, Prof. Garg, Kevin, George
From Left to Right: Jimin, Megan, Gloria, Christina, Joyce, Ms. Fok, Prof. Garg, Kevin, George

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