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At 2.17am on the morning of 27 June, a fire broke out on a boat moored in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter South. Immediate efforts to contain it failed. As marine fuel from the stricken boat spread, it too caught fire, jumping the water lanes to the next row of boats. Fire boats from around Hong Kong waters arrived to battle the blaze, but the fire ignited boat after boat. Propane gas tanks blew up like rockets, sending fiery debris down on the boats. 

The firefighters fought blazes on all fronts, dwarfed by the flames that reached far into the night sky. Meanwhile, crews working in the shelter tried to move boats out of the way of the blaze, not simply to save them, but to keep the fire from spreading further. When day broke, the shelter was covered in a pall of greasy black smoke as fire boats tackled the remaining blazes.

When boat owners learned of the fire, they rushed to the shelter’s Marine Police Station, where a  large contingent of ambulances, fire trucks and a central command post had been set up. The initial report was ten boats had sunk, but as the day wore on, the tally rose. Watching from the shore, owners tried to make out their boats through the smoke, frantically calling anyone who might have news. 

Once the fire had been extinguished, small craft were able to get a closer picture of the damage. Empty moorings, debris and burnt out hulls marked where boats had once been. Others were adrift. And gradually, people learned the fate of their vessels. Some were completely destroyed; others would be salvageable but with massive and expensive repairs.

While no one was injured, the horror of the fire and the devastation it brought took its toll on those whose boats were destroyed or badly damaged, as well as on other members of the community.

Insurance agencies and the government will investigate the cause of the fire and how it spread. They will tabulate the monetary losses, and no doubt, there will be some cases where the insurance will not completely cover the cost of repairs or replacement. And it will take time before those owners will receive payments.

In the meantime, there are those who need to make repairs immediately if their boats will be saved. Typhoon season is upon us and even heavy rains can damage remaining boats beyond repair. Sunken boats might even be a danger to others in the event of extreme weather conditions.

The community is coming together to begin the process of healing, and helping one another.

Help us get this started with meeting our initial goal of $75,000. 

We hope that as part of a larger, caring community, you will join us in making a difference in the aftermath of what one person called a “fire storm”. 

(Thank you Joanna for the writing and Duff for the photo)







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