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We have created ‘Hike for Her’ to support the PathFinders Hiking Challenge in 2020!

As a charity organisation, PathFinders helps to ensure the most vulnerable and unsupported children in Hong Kong are protected and respected, and their migrant mothers – predominantly Migrant Domestic Workers – are empowered to find a path to a bright future!

We are hitting the trails to collectively hike more than 700km in a quest to raise HK$50,000 for the PathFinders community! The best news is, every dollar donated up until 30 November will be matched by the Fu Tak Iam Foundation – so this is our chance to double our impact!


On Sunday 22 November, we will be taking off in small groups to hike 10km and 20km trails across Hong Kong Island – starting from Dutch Lane and covering the hills above Wan Chai Gap, Deep Water Bay, Violet Hill and Tai Tam. Together, we will cover more than 700km (roughly the Peak morning trail 260 times)! 


Our team keeps growing - from hikers to fundraisers and those supporting on the day - thank you to everyone involved!

Brittany Croagh, Maggie Marsh, Charde Negus, Chincia Harvey, Tori Mainey, Laura Neville, Steph Croagh, Jess Sandford, Nat Ware, Annabelle Droulers, Gen Hood, Sally Long, Lauren Dray, Pam Hinton, Sars Lynch, Edwina Barrington, Gemma Tregenza, Ash McDonough, Alex Hunt, Stef Gassner, Radha Mahtani, Sydney McColl, Amanda James, Jo White, Aine O’Connell, Jo Criddle, Jess Chilton, Jess McCarthy, Sarah Morgan, Charlotte Luker-Coombs, Natalie Glanville, Alison Smith, Jean Ho, Elodie Coscas, Justine Quintano, Lynette Shaw, Abby Carr, Lauren Escudier, Camilla Stewart, Cailtin Langley,  Jenny Sudgen, Kathryn Hurrell, Amy Reading, Sian Byrne, and Shirman Lai. 

Thank you to the businesses that have also supported the Hike For Her campaign:
Bobby's Rabble, Paperbark Home, Aveita and Jebsen Fine Wines!


Since their founding in 2008, PathFinders has helped more than 7,600 women and babies find paths to better futures. During the challenges of 2020, their services have been needed more than ever. Earlier this year, calls to their crisis hotline increased by 80%. Their team is currently overseeing 170 active cases involving more than 200 children. They are the only charity in Hong Kong dedicated to supporting the unique vulnerabilities of children born to migrant mothers. 

Like many organisations, PathFinders was unable to go ahead with their annual fundraising event this year that contributes significantly to their operational costs. Without additional support, they face having to scale back their essential services, community outreach and education programmes that help prevent migrant mothers and their babies falling into crisis. 

Let’s join in their challenge to bridge this funding gap! 

There is no amount too small to make a difference – this is how your support can help:

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