Help us to keep the Vietnamese Refugees’ History in Hong Kong

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Help us to keep the Vietnamese Refugees’ History in Hong Kong


The painting above was originally drawn by Mr. Le Van Thai, former Vietnamese Refugee, in 1987-88 on the first floor of the New Horizons School at Kai Tak Refugee Camp in Hong Kong. This school, which eventually became known as the New Horizons Building and headquarters of Christian Action (CA), held both historical and emotional significance for thousands of Vietnamese Refugees & Boat People who had lived there before being resettled in other countries.


Upon learning of the local government’s plan of tearing down the New Horizons Building for redevelopment, CA began its plans of preserving and relocating this mural to our new headquarters at Choi Wan Estate. We were blessed to have Artist Dr. Samson Wong and Wong Wing Fung who are kind enough to take up this task to help us to preserve and keep this part of Hong Kong’s history alive.  


We need HK$36,000 to achieve this relocation of the mural

Dr. Samson Wong, Ms. Wong Wing Fung and Mr. Thomas Yuen helped to develop and collaborated an exciting and meaningful plan that involved both friends who were former Vietnamese boat people and refugees ​as well as current refugees and asylum seekers in Hong Kong in ​the relocation of this mural.



Thanks to all who helped, we finally completed this project on 19-10-2019!  


However, we ​are still in need of funds to reach our fundraising target. We would appreciate it if you would help us to achieve this by the end of this year.


We need your support to accomplish this.

We are also very grateful to have Ms. Farah Dang’s kind donation to kick off this campaign. She was born and raised in the Camp until she was 10. She now owns a successful catering business and often volunteers at Christian Action Centre for Refugees. 


*If we are able to raise more than the expected amount, the surplus will be donated to the Christian Action Centre for Refugees to support their programmes."



Funds raised on this page will go to:

Centre for Refugees

Helping Refugees live with Dignity and Hope