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QQ'Food. Save your time for better things.

We have all been there. 

It's lunchtime and you went to your favorite restaurant. 

There, you saw a long, long queue outside it.

You had no choice but to go to the back of the line.

You thought to yourself, "I just wanted takeouts. Why do I have to go through all these? Why can't I just call the restaurant?"

Many restaurants don't take pre-orders by phone because they are too short-staffed.

That's why we started QQ'Food.

QQ'Food is an app that allows you to pre-order your takeaways and get your food ready before you arrive.

Imagine all the time you'll save just because you don't have to queue.

But we need YOUR help to make this happen.

The 8 of us have put in all we had, but that only covers marketing and operation costs. 

With your HKD$70,000, we would be able to make this app a reality. We expect the research and development of the app requires 5 months as 4 to 6 months is the average duration of app development. The expected fund is projected by research from expertises and reference to

The approximate breakdown of the funding are shown below:

  • HKD$20000 for writting an app to be compatible for both IOS and Andriod system
  • HKD$9000 for email login system
  • HKD$10000 for in-app purchase function (credit card)
  • HKD$24000 for a well designed and beautiful user interface
  • HKD$7000 for restaurant locations mapping function

To customers, QQ'Food will charge you by 15% of service fee (including 3% -5% service fee charged by the credit card company) to undergo the transction. Sounds large percentage? But for an average price meal of HKD$60, you just like to pay additional $9! Or you want some discount? then our discount campaign surely is an option to you. 

To restaurants, being free of charge for the restaurants, our app is a 100% win-win opportunity for them to increase their revenues without having to set additional tables. Our app is simple to use and makes order appear instantly. Should they partner with us, the restaurants will be able to have their name appear on top of the list. A preliminary survey that we have conducted, suggested that 13 restaurants out of 15 were interested in the concept. 

Some awesome features that allow you to:

  • Use it both on Android and iOS systems
  • Login in to your personal accounts and store your payment information
  • Click on the items on the menu and order it
  • Pay with your credit cards
  • Generate a receipt to show to restaurant and get your food instantly
  • Search for restaurants nearby



Thank you for your help,

The QQ'Food Team


Vivian: Vivian is a year 3 student majoring in marketing and management. She has gained experience in marketing and customer relationship management when she worked as an intern in the Fendi group.

Justin: Justin is a final year BBA student majoring in Economics and Management. He conducted some economic related researchs using regression analysis to anlyse the sustainability of the retirement schemes in Hong Kong. He was the Internal Vice-chairperson of Management Students' Associaton, Student Union from 2014 to 2015. 

Amine: Originally from Morocco, Amine is a Master in Management Program student at NEOMA Business School in France and is currently an exchange student at HKUST. He has a 6 months' experience in Equity Research (internship) as well as 6 months' experience in Structured Finance (internship). 

Hun Sik: Hun is co founder of crystal&co in South Korea and currently studying in HKUST. He has wide experience with business logistics from crystal&co and understands variety of culture from Korea, Japan and United states. 

Alyssa: Alyssa studies Marketing and Management in HKUST. She has marketing experiences in being a Digital Marketing Assistant at HKUST for Emerging Market Studies and intern at World Green Organisation. She was responsible for generating content including texts, graphics and videos for various social platforms and assisting the execution of large-scale events.

Jason: Jason is currently a year 3 student of HKUST, majoring in finance and management. With the past working experience in a local bank in Hong Kong, he acquired the advanced financial analytic and management skills. He is responsible for the compliation of financial statements and budget projection. 

Samson: Samson is a final-year management and operations management student at HKUST. He had internship experiences at a HKEX-listed conglomerate (accounting), a securities firm (asset management) and a barristers' chamber (law). Interested in content creation and curation, he was also the Assistant Editor-in-Chief of WINGS, the student journal of HKUST, during his freshman year.

Manho: manho is one of the leader in the group and owning his business. He had experience in management and financial field

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Funds raised on this page will go to:

QQ Food

One simple click that saves your time for better things.

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