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Every year myriads of fur kids have become homeless.  Under the same dripping roof, not too many as blessed as Creamy was able to get a cozy & caring home for adoption.  

Kelly Animal Shelter is a government sponsored NGO / NON PROFIT ORGANISATION

In the KAS, around 200 dogs & cats are being sheltered.  Most of the fur kids are no kids anymore, they are all around and over 10 years old, fragile, sick and even crippled.  Even fur kid lovers are not be able to welcome them as part of their family.  

The objective of KAS is to shelter and foster these homeless fur kids until the last rides of their lives.  

KAS was relocated to a more spacious environment in 2019.  Not merely the new KAS provide more space for visitors to interact with the fur kids, it also captivate more passionate and kindhearted pet lovers to adopt the kids as well.  

More than 117 fur kids have been rescued until now, most of them as mentioned are at their senior age and they need intensive care as well as the huge medical expenditure

The mission of KAS is to safeguard the lives of the homeless fur kids.  Through the activities, interaction with the fur kids, KAS educate public to respect the lives of the fur kids as well to encourage visitors to bring the fur kids home as part of their family.  

Stretch the helping hands to support the homeless fur kids in rescue.  

  • Food and necessarities 
  • Heart-worm pills
  • Fleas and ticks prevention 
  • Worming products 
  • Vaccines 
  • Other medication 
  1. one of the fur kid in KAS is going to be fed and cared.  
  • Donate HKD 280 every month
  • Donate HKD 900 for three month
  • Donate HKD $3,600 for one year

    2. It is going to aid the medication and intensive care for senior fur kids in KAS. 

  • Donate HKD 600 every month
  • Donate HKD 1,800  for three month
  • Donate HKD 7,200 for one year

KAS needs your support. Fuel our resources with charity in your heart. Safeguard fur kids without a home. 




Kelly Animals Shelter 香港關愛動物庇護之家是一間沒有政府支助的非牟利動物收容所,由Kelly Tse支持日常運作,KAS現居住了200犬隻和貓隻,大部份年老患病,約接近半數居住了9年,80隻年齡起過10歲或以上,50隻超過6歲或以上。大部份都沒有人願意收養。即使是年老、殘缺或生病,我們也願意照顧牠們直至終老。





  • 每月糧食、基本用品
  • 每月心絲蟲藥物
  • 每月跳蚤和防牛蜱藥物 
  • 每3個月杜蟲藥 
  • 每年一次疫苗注射 
  • 每月醫療費用
  1. 助養一隻犬隻基本需要
  • 每月$300
  • 每3個月$900
  • 每年$3,600

     2. 助養一隻年老狗狗醫療費用和營養品

  • 每月$600
  • 每3個月$1,800
  • 每年$7,200




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