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Language is used as a bridge to make human connections. Yet, new language learners are rarely faced with the opportunity to practice and engage in these connections during their learning process. We are a small team of six people based at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology that aims to bridge the gap between diverse people around the world by creating an opportunity for them to practice languages on the go. We hope to raise funds for our educational app, Lingo2GoGo, so that we can build our innovative app to serve our potential users. We believe that strong language abilities will be central to human interactions at personal and professional levels in the future.





About Lingo2GoGo

Lingo2GoGo is a new mobile learning platform that aims to address this issue by offering a way for users to match other language learners and allowing them to practice, real-time. The Lingo2GoGo application is both social and educational, filling in the current market gap left by existing language-learning platforms by offering a way for users to have fun, short, and casual conversations with other live users. Lingo2GoGo aims to complement the user’s language learning process by providing a means to practice. The application interface will be adaptive and easy-to-use, giving users the opportunity to personalize their user-experience through the languages they want to learn and practice. Lingo2GoGo offers the users a flexible learning schedule, eliminates the fear of speaking in front of a familiar audience, and allows the users to make new connections.





Why Lingo2GoGo

Many existing language-learning platforms lack an interactive pedagogical approach to teaching new languages. Current market focus on teaching vocabulary and grammar, but a drawback is that they are often too difficult to apply in daily life. In addition, users lack the opportunity to practice their new language interactively, let alone in real-time.

Lingo2GoGo offers the unique ability to have real-time practice with a live user, a feature that other language-learning platforms are not offering. Users can chat with each other using our instant messaging and VOIP service to practice their writing and oral speaking skills, with the emphasis of learning a foreign language in a practical way.


為什麼選擇 Lingo2GoGo





We set HKD5,000 as our target because we aim to test the concept of Lingo2GoGo and to see whether the general public supports this idea.

If we can raise HKD15,000, we will be able to make a website version of Lingo2GoGo, which can also be browsed in smartphone.

If we can raise HKD50,000, we will be able to make an app prototype for Lingo2GoGo.








App Interface (Homepage & Sign Up Page)



App Interface (Matching Process & Conversation Practice)



If you donate more than HKD100, you will receive the option of pre-ordering a “Hong Kong slang” ebook as a reward.






Our team consists of six students from the HKUST Business School, two of which are exchange students from Queen’s University in Canada. We sincerely hope that you could support us by pre-ordering our perks or by donating to us using Paypal or a credit card.

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我們真誠地希望得到各位的支持,閣下可以透過預訂Perks 、 PayPal 或信用卡來捐款給我們。




From Left to Right ( Felice Yeung, Kamila Tan, Chalet Wong, Kristy Law, Billy Leung, Hugo Tang)


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Lingo2GoGo is a platform which provides users with real-time experience of practicing a new language with other users on the go. Now let's go!

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    This ebook provides English and Chinese translation of contemporary slangs in Hong Kong with vivid images. Users could also click on the slangs to access the audio file for pronunciation. With this ebook, we aim to help users learn local slangs which couldn’t be learnt in traditional language classes.

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