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Kids4Kids is a Hong Kong based registered non-profit started in 2008 to inspire young people to take action and make a positive social impact.

Kids4Kids aims to develop social awareness and responsibility by providing platforms that empower kids to enact positive change in their community. To date, Kids4Kids have partnered with over 215 schools, 65 charity organizations, and involved over 12,000 students. 

Our program work spans from developing literacy and creativity skills from a young age with Buddy Reading and My Story Creation... to empowering youth to take positive action and be socially responsible giving back to the community through Youth Empowerment programs such as Powered by Service and Action for a Cause.

Kid4Kids is gratefully receiving funding support from HK Jockey Club Charities Trust and SCOLAR for Buddy Reading and My Story Creation programs respectively. The good news is that we recently received from Commission of Youth (CoY) 50% funding support for our Youth Empowerment Programs. But, we need to fundraise for the other 50% as we are commited to deliver our Youth Empowerment Programs to 12 under resourced secondary schools in Hong Kong during the 2017-2018 school year.

Any amount helps us towards our goal. But to give you an idea of some giving levels:

A. HKD$200 - gives one youth an opportunity to access Powered by Service workshops at their school.

B. HKD$500 - gives one youth access to attend the annual Kids4Kids Powered by Youth Forum over 2-Days.

Every dollar raised in this campaign is much needed!! Thank you.

Step 1 Goal: Raise HKD$50,000 - for delivering SIX(6) "Powered by Service" workshops that build capacity in under resourced secondary schools that engages youth in discovering how one can use their "Power" of what they are good at and use it creatively to develop their "Passion" being a Cause they care about. Then to transform into action and help make a positive change in the community. 

To help us reach this goal, wear us proudly around town carrying a stylish Kids4Kids tote bag, because BYO bag shows you care about the environment and our youth ~ hey, our FUTURE depends on it.

If we can achieve our Step 1: HKD$50,000 target for this campaign, we don't stop there. We want to give these youth who have completed Powered by Service workshops an opportunity to join the next step up in our Youth Empowerment journey.

Step 2 Goal: Raise HKD$100,000 - will give community access and opportunity to under resourced secondary students to be a part of a 2-day annual Powered by Youth Forum that empowers youth to learn collaboratively with other students from over 40 different schools across Hong Kong about creative problem solving using interactive and engaging real life social issues. Inspired, youth take action to merge "Power" + "Passion" to build social impact and do good in the community.

With over half of the world's population under age of 25, there has never been more of an important time to support our next generation. 

Help us to develop our youth today, for our future.

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Inspiring young people to take action through service and creativity and make a positive social impact in the community.

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    Receive ONE seat for "Raise the Roof for Youth" luncheon on Wed 15th Nov. Lunch+drink included at Frites, 38 Haven St, Causeway Bay, HK.

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    Show your support for Kids4Kids and what we do and BYO re-useable shopping bag.

    You will receive a redemption letter via email to come and collect from Kids4Kids office in Wanchai, Hong Kong. We apologise for this campaign, this Perk is for HK only.

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