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UPDATE: Thanks to all your generosity, we're very close to the initial goal of HK$6,000 now! But let's not stop there (system won't let me change the amount...argh)!! We're contributing to the organization's overall goal of HK$800,000, so keep it coming folks!

*For donation, please use credit card if you can, as I believe PayPal would incur more charges to the organization*

Hello friends and family!

As we often feel more entitled on our birthdays, I will shamelessly take advantage of the occasion this month (12/9) to ask you to consider directing any love or gifts you kindly want to send my way to support a non-profit organization in Hong Kong in great need!

> Who is this organization and why do they need support?

The Centre for Refugees is run by Christian Action. It’s a community centre that supports refugees and asylum seekers of all religions and origins in HK in their indispensible ongoing basic needs, as well as training, wellbeing and refer them to legal services.

The Centre was burnt down at the end of last month due to an electrical problem. They desperately need this space to be rebuilt ASAP in order to resume all the essential services for over 1,000 members / month.

For more details about:

> Importance of the Centre/ The Refugee Experience in HK

Imagine you had no choice but to flee your home country because your family’s life would be threatened had you not done that. By chance, you arrived Hong Kong with your spouse and two young children, speaking little English and knowing no one, you did not know how to navigate this crowded and expensive city.

As an asylum seeker, none of you would be given the HKID. You’re not allowed to work or even volunteer in most cases. Months turned into years into over a decade while your case was being processed and appealed for a slight chance to be “officially qualified” as refugees and then wait some more to be resettled in a developed country (not HK). If you left HK, you would be asked to return to your home country.

Each month, each adult is only given by the government a symbolic HK$3,000 subsidy, inclusive of HK$200 transportation, HK$1,200 in supermarket vouchers, and $1,500 for rent (in the most expensive city in the world where cage home rental costs HK$1,800 or more). Where would you live? How could you feed yourselves? Where would your kids go to school? How could you improve your English quickly to communicate with people? Where could you get legal advice? How could your family physically and mentally survive this after the trauma and stress from home...?

These are but a few pieces of a very common asylum seeker experience in HK. Going to the Centre for Refugees at Chung King Mansions doesn’t solve all these problems, but they can find hot meals, emergency housing support, education and training programs for both kids and adults, counseling, referrals to legal services and other community resources. If nothing more, they can hang out at the community Centre just to find people who look more like them, speak their mother tongue and understand their culture in this predominantly Chinese society.

The Centre for Refugees gives these asylum seekers and refugees in HK a place of comfort, safety and hope.

!!You don’t need to be a Christian (I’m not one!) to share your kindness to support a worthy cause!! Any amount you can spare would make me AND THEM very happy! All the money will go directly to their account. Thank you in advance for your support!!

*For donation, please use credit card if you can, as I believe PayPal would incur more charges to the organization*

See you on the other side of the goal, pals!!

Much love, 






I believe in giving the tools, know-how, opportunities and auxiliary support to marginalized communities to empower them to reach their potentials and lead a fulfilling and dignified life.

Funds raised on this page will go to:

Centre for Refugees

Helping Refugees live with Dignity and Hope