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ConnectedGroup proudly supports Cambodian Children's Fund (CCF) and is currently fundraising for residents like Sophea and her twin sister Sonnita at CCF's Girls to Grannies village. 


Sophea and her twin sister Sonnita are 10 years old and live with a foster family in CCF’s latest World Housing community - the Girls to Grannies Village. The village was built especially for girls like Sophea and Sonnita - those most at-risk of neglect and abuse and being held back from accessing education.


The twins started school late and Sophea is now in Grade 3. Her sister Sonnita is developmentally slower and is still in Grade 1.

The girl’s father originally came from the Kompong Speu province - northwest of Phnom Penh, while their mother was from the capital city where they met. In 2012, the twins were born but by then their parents were already in a downward spiral on drugs.

When the twins were only two years old, their mother, Srey March, could not cope anymore and left the family, leaving the two young girls with their father. The father was hardly present leaving the girls on their own for long periods of time while he was on drugs. Sophea and Sonnita were in a very dangerous living condition having to take care of themselves at such a young age and susceptible to all potential risks of abuse and trafficking.

In 2019, when it was thought life couldn’t get any worse, the father was discovered highly intoxicated trying to sell his daughters so he could buy more drugs. Working with local authorities, Sophea and Sonnita were immediately placed in CCF’s all female
residential facility, the Jasmine Center. The girls were placed on an education pathway at CCF and enrolled for the first time in school.


In 2021 when Girls to Grannies Village was opened and the twins were placed in a foster family; a single mother with two daughters of her own.

CCF Girls to Grannies village

As part of community living, the girls receive daily food and snacks, clothes, toiletries, and school supplies - provided to the foster mother along with a stipend to care for the girls and the rest of her family’s needs. Sophea and Sonnita are safe and happy in CCF’s Girls to Grannies Village.


CCF has made the commitment to get them all the way through school and beyond so that they grow into young women with all the skills and sensibilities to be able to take care of themselves and thrive. (See the full story about  Sophea & Sonnita).


CCF Girls to Grannies village


‘This new village is a unique opportunity for the girls and women in the local area, providing the fundamentals of safe, independent living for our female students, the foster carers and grandmothers. The greater aspirations - a holistic, female-led community that fosters educational achievements and future leaders, grounded in the strong sense of culture and society held by the grandmothers - will be proved over time,’ says Scott Neeson, Founder of Cambodian Children’s Fund.

Your support for these girls is immeasurable. Directly providing for their future, as well as their current safety and security, you are ensuring that they are valued and confident leaders in their communities with an equal access to quality education. Having faced incredible challenges throughout their lives, your support means they are finally able to thrive.

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We're transforming the lives of the most impoverished, marginalized and neglected children in Cambodia through high quality education, leadership training and direct support programs.