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This is an Emergency Crowdfunder from IBET

to combat the impact of protests and COVID-19

Our children need you, NOW!!


Please help us keep the lights on for these children, who need YOUR support now, more than ever.

First the social unrest and now the COVID-19 pandemic - these twin crises have had a huge negative impact on IBET. Both our Centres have been operational through this tumultuous period and have continued to provide academic support. While the schools were closed, our Centers provided access to computers, printers and internet connection so that our children could "e-learn", a luxury which they would not be able to otherwise afford.

Who We Are:

Integrated Brilliant Education (IBET) provides high quality educational support and homework tutorials, with a special focus on Chinese language learning, at our two tutorial centers in Jordan and Cheung Sha Wan, catering to the needs of over 200 children from marginalised non-Chinese speaking communities. IBET aims to bridge the gap beween these communities and the local schooling system, in order to for these overlooked children to stay in the school sytem and continue to tertiary education.

We are known for -

  • our excellent facilities
  • teaching in small groups
  • qualified native Chinese teachers
  • teaching as per the school syllabus
  • a very well developed Social Impact Program
  • extra-curricular activities... and much more


A group of people in a room


Here is one of our IBET stories:

Achsah, a bright young IBET student who has been with us since October 2017 was forced to drop out of her tutorial class because her mother lost her job in the midst of and because of the COVID crisis. Her father, a construction worker, can barely make ends meet.

IBET has continued to support Achsah and waived the tuition fee so that her educational support is not disrupted.

There are many such stories.



With the economy in Hong Kong being adversely impacted, many of our children's parents have been either laid off or are on reduced pay, thereby making it difficult for them to even afford  IBET’s highly subsidised fees. To enable them to continue their education, we need to step forward and offer more support. We are doing all we can to reduce costs, but cannot sustain this effort without additional funds  

We need your help!