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We're all facing an unprecedented challenge with the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. However the impact on the most vulnerable and those living in poverty is particularly severe with economy and society being badly hit.

Integrated Brilliant EducaTion (IBET)

Integrated Brilliant EducaTion (IBET) is a Hong Kong registered section 88 charitable trust, committed to educating and empowering students from under privileged non-chinese speaking (NCS) communities, by providing high-quality educational support to assist them in their ongoing education, as well as encourage all-round social skills development through various interactive, cultural and physical outings and events.

UBS has for a long time been a friend and charity partner of IBET and their students. Every year, UBS sponsors a number of educational trips for the students of Jordan and Sham Shui Po Centers and hosts a Christmas party with food, games and presents.


Those hit the hardest…

This year, the community that is being served by IBET has been hit hard with many of the students’ parents belonging to the worst affected businesses, such as the hospitality and construction industry. Many have been laid off or are on leave without pay or reduced pay.

Not only that, both the protests of late 2019 and the current pandemic have caused severe disruptions to the academic progress of the students.

Despite these unprecedented circumstances, IBET pledged to  continue to serve these underprivileged communities by:

  • continuing to provide students with academic support, in line with EDB guidelines and within prescribed parameters.   
  • providing access to specially sourced computers and printers so that the children can ’e-learn’, a luxury which they cannot otherwise afford.
  • continuing the employment of the tutors who have risen to the challenges by introducing new and different ways to reach and teach students.
  • distributing masks to staff and students and their families on a regular basis

Funds are needed for:

While IBET is doing all that they can to reduce costs, however the measures taken to continue the support for their students have added to their operating challenges and costs.

Funds are desperately needed for:

  • Providing financial support to some of the parents who are now unemployed or under-employed, and are unable to afford IBET’s highly subsidised fees.
  • Ensuring the well-being of the students.
  • Providing extra technical and material support required for online learning.

UBS prides itself on helping find solutions to problems together and as such wishes to support IBET in their endeavours to continue supporting the underprivileged NCS communities of Hong Kong, so please give generously!

Your contribution through this fundraiser will help our communities during this difficult time.

Thank you!



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